Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 26

*Day 63*

Rebecca: Listen, I want to make a deal with you. If you throw the last Veto competition, then I will vote to keep you.

Avery: I am not sure about it.

Rebecca: If you win the last Veto, you know you have to pick between two allies to come with you to the final 2.

Avery: You got a point! I may throw have to throw this competition. Would you promise that you keep me safe if you are the sole voter this week?

Rebecca: I swear on my brother I will vote to mummify Sun if I am the sole voter this week.

Rebecca: I need to make a big move to convince BOTH NOMINEES to throw the Veto. I told Avery I sworn on my brother that I will vote to mummify Sun if I can vote this week. I DON'T HAVE A BROTHER!

Rebecca: Listen, I know you do not want to decide between which of your ally gets mummify. So, I want to make a deal with you. If you throw the last Veto, then I will vote to mummify Avery!

Sun: Seriously?

Rebecca: Yeah, I swear on my brother that I will!

Sun: Well, I guess I will throw it!

Rebecca: See you soon!

Ruby: Houseguests, this is the most important Semi-Veto Ability competition! The winner of this is most likely to cast the sole vote to mummify someone. The goal is simple! Type a summary of everything that has happened this season! Whoever has the most words in the sentence! Beware, if you have incorrect information, you will lose every single word in the sentence with the incorrect information will not count! You have 30 minutes to type the words! After the 30 minutes, go to the dining room where I will reveal the results! Good luck!

*Everyone is typing away very quietly*

Avery: I'm throwing this competition, and no one knows about it! I am gonna be safe no matter what!

Sun: This competition I am throwing! Rebecca told I am safe, so I will be safe no matter what!

Ruby: We got the results! Two of you made incorrect information!

Ruby: Rebecca, you had the sentence "They were strong together, but eventually Rebecca decided to nominate Logan up for eviction." You did not nominate Logan! Also, we don't have evictions in this show, we have mummifications! You lost 15 words!

Rebecca: Grr....

Ruby: Van, you said that Ashlyn quit after Chie was mummified! Ashlyn quit before Chie was mummified! Also, you said that "Van nominated Sun and Avery in an attempt to disband the Space Cowboys and contemplated a tentative deal with Rebecca to head into the final three." It's not the Space Cowboys, it is the Space Cows! You lost a total of 29 words!

Van: Dang it!

Ruby: I shall announce the results! With a total of 195 words, the holder of the most important Semi-Veto Ability holder is.....

*waits for it*

Ruby: VAN!

Van: YES!

Van: I won this Veto, and I will be able to keep the nominations the same!

Van: Rebecca, I want to see what you have planned!

Rebecca: Honestly, I do not know what will happen!

Van: Well, think about it! This could he a make or break decision!

Rebecca: I know! I have until Day 66!

Van: Also, just for the record, I want to tell you something! I want to take you to the final 2!

Rebecca: Really? Thank you!

Rebecca: I do not know what am I gonna do at the mummification ceremony! I feel Avery will be able to beat me in the finale, yet I do not feel as if me or Sun will be able to win the final H.O.M. challenge! I gotta think carefully!

*Day 66*

Ruby: Hello, houseguests! We are live on Day 66!

Houseguests: Hey!

Ruby: I will have to say congrats to all of you for making it to the final 4! Van, who are you most surprised about not making it to the final 4?

Van: I will have to say Roarke! I thought he will make very far!

Ruby: Avery, who do you least expected to be in the final 4?

Avery: It's honestly have to be Van! I remember when there was 9 people left, Van would of gone out the door if it weren't for Kara's misstep!

Ruby: Rebecca, it seems like you gotten close with a lot of houseguests! Do you think you will become friends with those houseguests after the show?

Rebecca: Yeah, I think I will become friends with the majority of the contestants!

Ruby: Thank you hosueguests! It is now time for the live Veto meeting! Van, as this week's Semi-Veto Ability holder, you can either use the Semi-Veto Ability on Avery, Sun, or no one!

Van: I am not gonna use the Semi-Veto Ability!

Ruby: Alright, Rebecca, since Van can not vote, you will have to make a sole vote to mummify someone!

Avery: I'm really sorry! I feel as if you have the full potential to win this game. You shouldn't have thrown that Veto, because I vote to mummify you Avery!

Ruby: It's official, Avery! You will be mummify!

Avery: Well, this is a slap in the face! Rebecca, you sworn on your brother that....

Rebecca: I don't have a brother!

Avery: Whatever!

*Stay tune for Episode 28*