Friday, August 19, 2011

Dos and Don'ts in Sims Realty TV #1

After I have a quite a lot of experience in Sims Realty Shows, I have decided make a Do and Don't list of Sims Realty Shows! This will be the first!


Do turn aging off- No one wants to see someone's sim turn into an elder while on the show! Can you imagine if I turn aging on, and your sim has turn into an elder!

Do send an alliance e-mail (aka an e-mail with every contestant's e-mail on it)- It is VERY HARD to make allies without an alliance e-mail! I know there is comments, but there is always a chance that you will get caught with the comment! E-mailing is the best way to ask for allies! With that, there is a very little chance you will get caught!


Don't say "Check Your E-mail" to any contestant- That is a way to an obvious alliance! I have done that before, and I will no longer do that!

Don't drop-out just because you do not care about the show- If you are busy, then drop-out! If you have computer problems, then drop-out! However, if you are disinterested in the show, then do not drop-out! There is a saying called "You're starting it, and you're finishing it!" Plus, the creator of the show will probably be pissed at you. There is a person who dropped out because she doesn't like the show! I feel so angry at her/him, and I will not join let him/her the show AGAIN!

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