Friday, August 26, 2011

Dos and Don'ts in Sims Realty TV #2

I am back with more Dos and Don'ts in Sims Realty Show.


Do post in the official thread often- The first mummified person this season of The Battle Against Mummification was mummified because of her lack of posts. It creates a target in you. There is even some shows that will kick you off if you do not post a lot.

Do read the questions of a quiz/directions of a competition CAREFULLY- One misread can cost you a lost. If they say, how many letters in the alphabet, then do not list the letters in the alphabet. Just say the number 26. If they say, list the letters of the alphabet, then list them. But if they say how many, then do not list them.


Don't go on a vacation without telling the creator of the show- This can screw you up BIG TIME. Let me give you an example. There is a show I know where if you do not turn in your vote, you will be kicked off the show. If you go on a little vacation, you do not tell the creator of that show, and voting has begun, you will kicked off that show. Vacations are fun, but you have to tell the creator of a show about it.

Don't be a douche bag on the forums- This means no fights, no trolling, and no flaming as they will automatically leave a target on your back. For example, if Jarsie gets on a realty show, she will have a target on herself because of her b*tchiness.

Also, no list tomorrow! Summer is over for me, and I done with lists for the summer.

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