Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rant Time

Okay, I was at my nanny's house, and then I went home, I realized the thread for a show called The Sims 3 Realty Show has been deleted. I was on that show, and I have been posting every day on it! I feel pissed about it! Someone reported it for stuff we done on it! Seriously, that person does not care about others.

Then, I soon went to the Mole thread, and I talk there for a little bit! Then, THEY DELETED IT AS WELL!

Seriously, WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM? You can report any thread you want to, but you just have to report those 2 threads. At least you can explain us WHY YOU DELETED THOSE THREADS?

Seriously, I feel pissed about it! I hang out in the Stories and Legacies a lot because it was basically unmoderated. I hope those threads were deleted by accident, and I hope they bring them back!

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