Saturday, August 13, 2011

Top 3 Moments in The Battle Against Mummification: The Start

The Start has many moments in it! I am here to reveal the top 3!

3. Kellan got blindslided- Everyone was planning for Ruby to get mummify in week 7! However, Stephan did some convincing to Kathy to make her vote to mummify Kellan, and the showmance of the season is now aligned with Kathy! Together they sent home Kellan by a 2-1 vote!

2. Violet's Final Plead Speech- In order to make Kelly, Mark, and Kellan vote to mummify Kellan, Violet made a very interesting plead speech calling out Stephan, Grey, and Morgan! That did not work out to well when Violet was mummified because of it!

1. Kelly revealed the secret showmance between Ruby and Stephan- Feeling betrayed by Stephan, Kelly called a house meeting revealing his secret showmance with Ruby! Viewers have been wondering about this showmance, and now the thing is that the viewers now know this! The best part is that no one ever got rid of them because they made it to the final 2!

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