Saturday, August 20, 2011

Top 3 Moments in The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability (So far)

I have did a list for the top 3 moments in the Battle Against Mummification: The Start! Now, I shall do this season with moments we had so far!

Here are the moments:

3. Sun got back to the game- The reason why I wanted someone to come back in the game was to make the season longer! This would not happen if one of the two drop-outs/removals from game did not drop out! But now, Sun is back in the game, and he will be in the final 4! It was all because of that Roarke opened the Room of Decisions!

2. Kara and Mikayla got into a fight- Kara was so upset about her mummification that she beat up Mikayla because of it! Because of that, Mikayla got put in the hospital, and Kara went to the Sims County Jail! Roarke was so sad about it that he cry about the fact he got a call from Mikayla!

1. Avery uses The Power of Immunity- This mystery power is someone only two people know: Me and Noah (Avery's creator)! When Avery was supposed to be mummify, he used it, and Sun was sent to become a mummy! No one expected it to happen, but they say "Expect the Unexpected" for a reason!

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