Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I saw this thread is simstopia, and I check this out:

I check it out, and I saw this!

The personal tonality is correct! There's no way in hell my blog is academic!

My blog is consider a happy blog though I do have some upset posts like this post!

13-17 is kinda close! I am 19, and a two-year difference is not a big difference!

The biggest fail is that they thought I am a girl. Just look to the left of this post, and it says My name is Jake! Who would ever name a girl Jake? Seriously, some of the people on Urlai are fails! I AM A GUY PEOPLE!


This of the list of the happiest blogs! 6 out of the 10 blogs are sims-related blogs! It just shows that the blogs in the Sims Community are happy blogs!

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