Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur House Tour

Ruby: This is the Battle Against Mummification. I am the winner of The Start, and the host of the show, Ruby! Here are here for a third season, and we are glad to have this show back. We are doing the house tour! This is the front yard! It looks like somewhere in Egypt! You do want to be be sleeping in the Sarcophagus! If you do, then it will be game over for you! Also, there will be two houses due to a law saying only a maximum of 8 people can live together! They will not work in teams! After 7 people has been eliminated, the merge will happen, where everyone will see each other for the first time! The people in the merge will be either in the final 2, or in the mummy jury, where they vote for who they want to win! Let's go inside the house!

Ruby: This is the entrence hall! It has a patriotic theme to it Now, let's go to the backyard.

Ruby: Now, the backyard is a good place to hang-out out! It has a hot tub, a pool, and some work-out equipment. Also, like the front yard, it is Egyptian-themed.

Ruby: And yet, we have another Egyptian-themed room! This time, it is the bathroom! Isn't that exciting?

Ruby: This is the Chinese dining room! Nominations are made in this room! One of the the two orginal nominees that was made in this room MAY get mummified! Why did I say may? Because there is the Semi-Veto Ability, which can save at least one nominee! The Head of Mummification must then choose a replacement nominee! However, there is a chance the Semi-Veto Ability will not be used this week! 6 people will compete in the competition (the Head of Mummification, the two nomines, and 3 people selected by random draw)!

Ruby: This is the kitchen! It is inspired by the French culture.

Ruby: Normally, we have a Bar Room here, but instead, we have a Gym! We have some Martial Arts equipment with a treadmill. This room you can exercise to prepare yourselves for competitions that deals with physical activity.

Ruby: Here are the bedrooms! We have this nice Chinese-themed bedroom. Notice that we have double beds. This means that people have to share beds together. Maybe those bedmates will form a showmance together. Who doesn't love a showmance? Plus, those bedmates could end up being enemies in the house. Where would this show be without any drama?

Now, we have a French bedroom. Once again, we have a double bed! Who knows what the relationship between those bedmates will be?

Ruby: Now, we have an American room! It is fill with red and white lines like the American Flag

Ruby: This is the Living Room! It also Chinese themed, and every week the houseguests will sit down together waiting to find out who gets mummified. See those couches in the back! You do not want to be sitting in those two couches. Not they aren't comfortable, but if you are sitting there, then there is a chance you will get mummified.

Ruby: This is the Diary Room! Here, the houseguests say whatever they want to say without the other houseguests knowing, and what is said in there may be nasty.

Ruby: Beyond that door, it is the room of the Head of Mummification, the most powerful person in this game! If you win the H.O.M competition, you will have immunity for the week! However, it comes with a huge responsibility as you are supposed to nominate contestants for mummification! Then, the house will vote who they want to be mummified! Soon, if you have the majority lead of votes, you will be mummified! Once you are mummified, it’s game over! Want to see what the room looks like? Well, wait until the shows starts to see it!

To the contestants who have not joined:

I really want you to join PLEASE