Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 1

Ruby: Hello, this is the Battle Against Mummification game! Tonight, 14 sims will be living and breathing the Battle Against Mummification game. Most of them have one goal in mine: To be the only person not mummified at the end! They will live in total confinement cut out of the outside world! Each week the contestants will compete for power in this game! Each week they will vote to mummify one of their own until only one contestant is human to claim the million dollar prize! Tonight, a new twist will spice up the game, and make the contestants think like never before.This will be the most challenging season yet.

Ruby: Hello, welcome to the Battle Against Mummification, Right now, 14 complete strangers will go into this game, but there's one huge twist. One contestant is not here to win. This contestant is called The Battle Against Mummification Saboteur. His or her goal is to make to the final 8, and cause as much havoc as possible. With this twist, it makes it extremely hard to form alliances. Contestants are just abou to experience the game. Can you guess who is the Saboteur as they moved in? This is House #1! There will be two houses! They will not work in teams! We done this because of the law saying no more than 8 people in a house (which we hope we can get repealed)! Let's talk to them! Houseguests, today will be the last day to see the outside world for quite a while! Take a look around you! Around here, you may find your new best friend or your worst enemy! As groups, you will enter the house, and pick your own bed! However, every group member must pick a bed in a different room than the other group members! The first group to enter this house is...



And Miuccia. You guys may enter the house!


James: When we get inside the house, we all must pick separate rooms.

Thomas chooses the Asain room,

Miuccia chooses the French room, and by default, I have to pick the American room.

Ruby: The next 2 people to enter the house is......


and Selena!

Nancy: We better hurry, and pick our beds!

Selena: I know! I don't want to be the girl sleeping on the floor!

Nancy: When we come to the rooms,

Thomas asked Selena to share beds!

Then, I have to choose between the American room, and the French room. I choose the French room because I feel as if the Amercian room will give me headaches.

Ruby: The final 2 people to enter this house is....


and Remy!

Remy: OMG, IT'S MICHAEL JACKSON! I thought you were dead!

Nagol: Um, I am not the gay pedophile idiot named Michael Jackson.

Remy: What The Heck? Michael isn't gay. He got married twice!

Nagol: Yes he is. Plus, his music sucks!

Remy: Dude, Michael is the king of pop.

Nagol: Well, I know a lot of bands and singers better than him.

Remy: Like what?

Nagol: Flyleaf

Remy: Who the hell is Flyleaf?

Nagol: A great band which you never heard of because of your lack of music stuff.

Remy: Excuse me, I just graduated from high school, and I heard as single person at my school talking about a band named Flyleaf. They talk about singers like Lady GaGa, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Pitbull, Rihanna, Ke$ha, and other singers.

Nagol: Well, I have to say **** you, and **** your classmates too!

Remy: Hey, no need to go there!

Nagol: Well, then, go **** yourself?

Remy: Hey, stop it right there!

Nagol: What are you gonna do about it, *****?

Remy: You know what! Forget you! I am gonna pick my bed, and stop talking to a stupid bully like you.

Remy: Grrrr...... Nagol is just a big stupid idiot. I hope I can win the first Head of Mummification, and put him on the chopping block.

Remy: Gosh, I freaking hate Nagol. I just hope he does not win Head of Mummification.

Ruby: We are over at House #2! I will tell them the information as I told to the other house! Houseguests, today will be the last day to see the outside world for quite a while! Take a look around you! Around here, you may find your best friend or your worst enemy! As groups, you will enter the house, and pick your own bed! However, every group member must pick a bed in a different room than the other group members! The first group to enter this house is...



and Karissa.


Karissa: Hey, you looked like the guy in the Brawny Paper Towels.

Dan: Um......

Dan: When I walked in the house, we have to choose beds.

I choose one of the beds in the Asian room.

Riviera choose the French Room,

This means by default, Karissa has to choose the American Room.

Ruby: The next 2 contestants to enter this house is....


and Lexi!

Lexi: OMG, I am in the house! My creator, Paige, will be so proud of me!

Tess: Well, my creator has been on here for 3 seasons.

Lexi: Seriously? Who's your creator?


Lexi: Oh!

Lexi: When we have to pick beds,

I choosed the French room, because of the fact that it is my favorite room.

After I picked that room, Lexi choose the Asian room.

Ruby: The final 2 house guests to enter the house is....


and Kenneth.

Nolan: The last two people to enter this house.

Kenneth: I am here for the ladies.

Nolan: Then, why aren't you at the Bachelorette?

Kenneth: Because I hate that show!

Nolan: Oh!

Kenneth: When we have to choose beds,

Kenneth: I saw this girl in a double bed, and I just have to sleep with her.

This means by default, Nolan has to sleep in the American Room!

Ruby: Ruby: Contestants, let me introduce myself as Ruby, the winner of The Start! Just for the record, me and Stephan are still going strong, and we are happy raising our little You will know the other contestants playing the same game as you are for the next 3 months! However, to know basic knowledge about the other contestants, I asked all of you to make introductions!

Tess: I can go first! My name is Tess! When I was a little girl her mom died and not knowing who her dad was I was sent to an orphanage. I got taken in to a home who really cared for her. Now in life I am living in an apartment complex and I am loving life.

Dan: I am Dan, and I'm a man's man. I burly and tough, but I have a soft side. I idolizes figures such as "The Brawny Man" and "Gaston" in Beauty and the Beast.

Riviera: I'm Riviera, and I am a good-looking girl with reasonable clothing choices.

Nolan: I am Nolan. I am the boy next door, and I am just learning how to cope with my life. I am very athletic and smart.

Kenneth: Hi, I am Kenneth! I am 27 years old. I am a divorced man, and I am currently single.

Kenneth: I lied about me being single because I wanted to have a showmance. I don't really care about Jen who is my current girlfriend. I want to have a showmance because A. Showmances have each other's back, and B. I love those dang ladies.

Lexi: My name is Lexi. I am Lexi is a sim that prefers camping and running with wild animals than shopping any day. I am a goofy sim and is somewhat awkward but not awkward as in that nobody wants to talk to her, but as in sometimes what I said is confusing and awkward. Although I was raised and homeschool by my single-mother, I haven't had much chance of meeting people so at times she is very shy. I also hate wearing shoes because I think they hurt the Earth.

Karissa: Hey guys, you can call me Karissa. I was raised with an insane mother, and I had a father that passed away when I was too young. I came here because this is a new experience for me.

Thomas: Hello everybody. Just for the record, you guys can call me Thomas. I am a friendly down to earth guy. I always sticks up for my friends and doesn't let anyone push around. Thomas tries not to start fights but can often do it without realizing.

Selena: I'm Selena. I'm insane and love to flirt, just don't touch me. Mm-k?

Miuccia: My name is Miuccia. It is spelled M-I-U-C-C-I-A. I am beautiful, really beautiful. Someone just needs to tell me that I need a little more than that to be successful. I love to party but I have an awful temper!

Nancy: I'm Nancy. I am a nice girl who loves to read. I love to spend time with friends and do fun stuff. I love to cook when I have the chance. I love to cheer people up when they are upset.

Nagol: Yo, I'm Nagol ******. I was one of the three babies of the house. My brother Logan is notable for being on reality shows, but it's Nagol's turn. My name is based on Logan's name, but I am actually quite different than Logan, he's more geeky, but his love for women is the same.

Remy: It is true that Logan is a different from Nagol. I only heard Logan swear in one episode. Nagol, I can imagine him swearing in every single episode. I never swear in my life, and I will never will. Nagol will be basically a goner when I win Head of Mummification.

James: Yo, my name is James people. I am always looking for love, and that is one main reason I want to be on the show. I adore parties and I love to cook. I am up for anything!

Remy: I am Remy Anderson, and I just turned 18 a while ago. I just graduated from high school, and I just witnessed my sisters death. I am one in 4 children and I was born with Dissociative identity disorder of a 10 year old but I was cured by my mother. Some say my brain exceeds my age but doctors are never right.

Ruby: Houseguests, it is time for the first Head of Mummification. For this competition, we need an Opinionator. The Opinionator is not edible to be Head of Mummification, but that person will be safe no matter what! If you want to be the Opinionator, please stand up now!

Dan: Look, I really do not want to get mummified the first week. I have to take this opportunity.

Ruby: You are the Opinionater for this Head of Mummification. You will be safe, but you can not be the first Head of Mummification. Riviera, I ask you to please sit in one of the other couches, while Dan can remain in his seat.

Ruby: This competition is called "The Opinionator"! So far, you may have first impressions on the contestants. I will ask Dan a series of questions based on his first impressions of you guys. The answer will be a name of the contestant. Once, Dan has answered the question, the contestant who was the answer to the question will be eliminated from the competition. The last person standing will be the first Head of Mummification. Is everyone clear?

Everyone: Yes!

Ruby: Let's begin! Dan, who is the Biggest Freak?

Dan: Um, Lexi!

Ruby: Sorry, Lexi! You have been eliminated from this competition.

Lexi: Oh dang!

Ruby: Dan, who is the shyest contestant?

Dan: Grrr.... I am gonna have to say....

Dan: Karissa

Karissa: ****, I am eliminated!

Ruby: Sorry Karissa, you have been eliminated.

(after 9 rounds, Tess and Riviera are the last 2 standing)

Ruby: Okay, Tess and Riviera, one of you is about to become the new Head of Mummification. If your name is not called, then you will be the Head of Mummification. Dan, who do you not want to be the first Head of Mummification?

Dan: Well, just because of the fact her creator has been on the show for 3 seasons in a row,

Dan: Tess

Ruby: This means that Riviera, you are the new Head of Mummification.

Riviera: YES!

Riviera: At first, I was so happy that I won't be going home the first week, but then I realized I have to nominate two people for eviction, and I may just get blood on my hands too early in the game. I got to think about nominations carefully.

Ruby: Also, one more thing: I have a question. Do all of you want to win?

Everyone: Yeah!

Ruby: Are you sure?

Everyone: Yeah!

Ruby: Well, someone in one of the two houses is lying. One contestant is not here to win. That contestant is a Saboteur in the game! His or her goal is to sabotage the game, and reach havoc upon you! This person can sabotage an individual, a group, or all of you! Although he or she is able to win Head of Mummification or the Semi-Veto Ability, his or her goal is not to win million dollars! Instead, his or her objective is to make to the top 8! If he or she does make it to the top 8, he or she will receive 250,000 dollars! However, if he or she gets mummified before that, he or she will be eliminated with 0 dollars! Also, please note that the Saboteur has access to BOTH houses. I will leave you guys a message by the Saboteur.

The Saboteur: Contestants, I am the Battle Against Mummification Saboteur. I advise each of you to watch your back. I can and will strike at any time. Any plans you have coming into this game has now been turned upside down. Ask yourself this: Will the saboteur being in the game, can anybody be trusted?

Tess: Well, there's goes our drama free night.

Nolan: Ugh, why did they did that to us? They could until next season to do this twist.

Nancy: This is so messed up.

Karissa: I know! Who volunteer for that?

Lexi: Well, I think that no one should do any accusing one another.

Kenneth: That is so sweet. (jokingly to Lexi) She's out the first week.

Kenneth: Well, I am kinda nervous about the Saboteur. I do not want to have a showmance with the Saboteur. Let's just hope the Saboteur is a male.

Selena: I feel a little suspicious of anyone mocking the Saboteur or talking about it a lot, because they are trying to throw you off.

Nancy: God, I smells so bad in here!

Miuccia: Hey, do you smell something?

Nancy: I smelled something too! It really stinks in here!

Nancy: The smell is so terrible!

Miuccia: I know! We gotta get to bed soon! I am gonna find out what is the smell coming from in the morning!

Miuccia:: There is a strong smell in my bedroom. It could definitely be a work of the Saboteur! I probably gonna have a hard time sleeping!

*2:48 am at Day 2*

Nancy: Whatever!

Nancy: The smell is so bad that I have to sleep in another bed in order to be happy!

Luckily, Nagol is a heavy sleeper, so I slept with him without him knowing!

Miuccia: Good morning Nancy! I found out where the smell came from!

Nancy: Where?

Miuccia: There was stinky cheese under the bed!

Nancy: Whoa! Do you think that the Saboteur did that?

Miuccia: I think the Saboteur did!

Nancy: Well, at least the Saboteur is in this house!

Miuccia: No, Ruby said that the Saboteur has access to both houses!

Nancy: ****, I forgot about that!

Miuccia: Man, we gotta find out who the heck is the Saboteur? It could be anyone!

*Stay tune for Episode 2*