Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 2

Riviera: Who wants to see my Head of Mummification room?

Riviera: Oh, my favorite color! I love it!

*Day 3*

Kenneth: Did I ever tell you your eyes are very pretty?

Tess: Yes, a thousand times

Kenneth: So right, I want a showmance. I could care less about my current girlfriend Jen. The chicks in the house are hot!

Lexi: Whoa!

Lexi: I went to the Gym, and I saw Kenneth and Tess making out. Dude, showmances never last long in this game.

Lexi: Guess what?

Riviera: What?

Lexi: I just saw Kenneth, and Tess making out!

Riviera: Whoa! I think that kinda make nominations easier! One of them has to go!

Lexi: Hey, by the way, do you want to form an alliance?

Riviera: Alliance seriously?

Lexi: Yeah, us girls need to stick together! Forget all the cattiness, and just work together!

Riviera: I agree! Who else should we add?

Lexi: What about Nancy? She seems like a trusted person!

Riviera: She is, but I do not think she will do well in competitions.

Lexi: Why?

Riviera: I do not see her as a physical competitor.

Lexi: Well, about half the Head of Household competitions in Big Brother are quizzes. For example, Kalia in Big Brother 13 is not good in physical competitions like the picnic one in week 2 of Big Brother 13, but she is good at quizzes like the Before or After. I gotta feeling she will do good in quizzes.

Riviera: You got a point! Let me ask her for an alliance!

Riviera: Hey Nancy!

Nancy: Riviera, I was in the middle cooking! What do you want?

Riviera: Look, I want to join an alliance between me, you, and Lexi! Do you want to join?

Nancy: Heck yeah! I think we should call it the Queens? We are all women, and we will rule this game together. Are we in it or not?

Riviera: Heck yes!

*later that day*

Ruby: Contestants, I need everyone to go to the living room!

Ruby: We have another twist in the game. This season, being nominated can be a blessing yet a curse! As in the past, one contestant will be mummified. However, there is a huge advantage for the house guest who stays. It's called The Battle Against Mummification Golden Key. The Golden Key guarantees you a spot in the top 10. Anyone who survives mummification any time before the top 10 can not be nominated until 10 of you remain in the game. They will also not compete in any competitions at that time. This message is dismissed.

Riviera: Well, I did not expect that.

Tess: Me too!

Miuccia: Expect the Unexpected!

Thomas: I like this twist! It makes me feel like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. I want my golden key!

Nagol: If Remy gets a golden key, then I will be so ******* angry. When I win Head of Mummification, he will be gone before he will even say "I made to the Merge"!

Remy: I want that Golden Key! If I get that Golden Key, then I will be like a person who just won the lottery.

*Day 4*

Dan: OH MY ******* GOD! IT'S A BIRD!

Karissa: A bird seriously?

Dan: I have been afraid of birds my entire life! When I was young, I watched the old Albert Hitchhack movie! That made me had ornithophobia ever since I watch it!

Karissa: Ornithophobia?

Dan: *stuttering* Fear of Birds!

Dan: Excuse me, but I gotta RUNNNNNNN!!!!

Karissa: Listen, you gotta face your fears.

Dan: Dude, those birds used to be T-Rexes. Do you know those dinosaurs can eat you?

Karissa: Well, I do not think those birds can eat you. I was afraid of swimming, but I face my fears, and I learn how to swim. Come on, you are going outside, and face your fears.

Karissa: Come on. Pet him!

Dan: I can't!

Karissa: Trust me! You can do this! Your brain is telling no, but your heart is telling you Yes! And remember, listen to your heart.

Dan: Is that a song?

Karissa: Yeah, you should listen to that song after we get out of this place.

Dan: Well, it is gonna be a long time before we get out of this place unless I get mummified in week 2.

Karissa: Can you just pet the bird?

Dan: Alright then, but I am gonna have a hard time.

*Dan is petting the bird*

Karissa: See, does he bite?

Dan: No he doesn't

Karissa: Are you afraid of birds?

Dan: No I am not!

Dan: Karissa is the nicest girl in this game. She help me face my fear of birds. She also cooks, cleans, and does laundry for all of us. No one is willing to get her out this early in the game.

*Day 5*

Ruby: Contestants, it's time to wake up.

Riviera: What the ****? I'm locked in here!

The Saboteur: Contestants, Riviera can not make nominations today. I locked her in her room. She won't be able to come out until one of you guys in House #2 find a key somewhere hidden in House #2. Good luck!

Nolan: Man, poor Riviera.

Karissa: I know! We gotta start looking soon!

Miuccia: So, House #2 has to look for a key because the Saboteur locked Riviera's room! Well, I'm not in House #2, so why should I worry?

(After 12 hours of looking)

Kenneth: Well, I guess no one can find the key! I am just gonna get a drink!

Kenneth: OMG, I found the key!

Riviera: YES, I AM OUT OF MY ROOM! Excuse me, but I need to eat something! I am gonna go to the kitchen right now!

*Day 6*

Riviera: One of my duties as Head of Mummification is to nominate two people for Head of Mummification.

Nancy: I expect Kenneth and Tess to be completely nominated. They are in a showmance, and that is basically an alliance with romantic interaction.

Tess: I may get nominated due to the fact I almost beat her in the Head of Mummification competition, and I am in a showmance with Kenneth!

Karissa: I don't expect to be nominated. I am nice to everyone, and a person that nice usually don't get nominated the first week.

Dan: I could care less about who is nominated. I'm safe this week, and I can not be nominated no matter what.

Riviera: This is the Nominations ceremony. I must nominate 2 people for mummification.

Dan, since you are the Opinionator in the first Head of Mummification competition, you are safe, and you can't be nominated. I have decided to nominate......

Tess for mummification. I have decided to nominate......

Karissa for mummification. This ceremony is adjourned.

Lexi: Riviera, why didn't you put up Tess and Kenneth together? I am not sure why she put up Karissa. I just hope that Karissa wins the Semi-Veto Ability.

Karissa: I put up Karissa because she is so well-like, and no one will get of her the first week.

Kenneth: So, my girlfriend is nominated. I hope I can play in the Semi-Veto Ability, win it, and take her off the block!

Karissa: Grrr... I am nominated. I didn't expect this. There is always a Veto.

*Stay tune for Episode 3*

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