Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 3

(Guys, I actually took screenshots for the episode. I actually have to type this episode without it because I can't find them any where. To The Saboteur, the sabotage you chosen will be shown in the next episode. I will use an alternate method to take screenshots now)

6 people played in the Semi-Veto Ability: Riviera, Karissa, Tess, Nagol, Remy, and James. All the contestants start with 75 points in the quiz. Ruby, the host, gave you guys ten offers. If the contestant to accept an offer, he or she has to be the first person to say Yes in the offer. They can gain points by accepting offers that will make you go through a punishment. They can lose points for accepting offers that will make you have a tempting prize. At the end of the competition, the contestant with the most points will win the competition. In the competition, James took the punishments of dying his hair gray, and the prizes of the mac laptop, an advantage in the next H.O.M. competition, and being safe next week. Remy took the punishment of sitting out in the next Head of Mummification challenge. Tess took the punishments of wearing an astronaut costume, solitary confinement for 24 hours, and sitting in the next Semi-Veto Ability competition. In the end, Tess won the Semi-Veto Ability. She used it on herself, forcing Riviera to put up a replacement nominee. She choose Kenneth as the replacement nominee. Either Kenneth or Karissa will be mummified in the next episode. Stay tune for the next episode to see who will go home.