Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Big Brother 13 Houseguests Reviews: Adam

I am doing Big Brother 13 house guest reviews reviewing all 14 house guests except for Dick (you know why). This will be my long post about my honest opinions of this season.

I am do it in ABC order, so let me start with Adam.

Adam is my least favorite house guest this season. I hate floaters. Plus, the thing is that Rachel hates floaters, and she could gotten rid of him in Week 3, but she decided to go after Dominic is not a floater. He could made a bunch of big moves like backdooring Jordan when he won his last Veto, keeping Daniele instead of Kalia making Kalia go home, etc. But NO, he kiss ass to every HOH! I was hoping on finale night he would NOT win. Thank god Rachel voted to evict him, because if he wins, then ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE!

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