Friday, September 30, 2011

Big Brother 13 Houseguests Reviews: Dani

It is time for me to review Dani!

This is her in Big Brother 8. I feel as if the majority of Big Brother watchers either waited until season 11 or above to watch the show. If you are one of those watchers, then CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SEASON: You are seriously missing out on some good stuff

Dani is my favorite house guest this season. I am not counting Dick as a houseguest since he was really there for 6 days, and he just walked out the house. She caused the biggest drama in the game, and the Donatos are my favorite house guests ever. The Pajama Jammers is an awesome idea, and I love the Dark Side. I also like she got rid of Brendon Bookie TWICE. I wish she would of won America's Favorite Player, but little old cat ladies decided to give it to the asshole named Jeff. Speaking of little old cat ladies, if you are one of them, and if you want to comment this post saying that you hate her, then that comment will be deleted, so doing that will be a waste your time.

Anyways, I love Dani, and her father is awesome!

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