Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big Brother 13 Houseguests Reviews: Cassi

Sorry that it tools so long to put this review. It was suppose to take up 13 days, but it could end up being a month. I have a life. I'm not like a person trapped inside their home.

Here is my review of Cassi:

I believe Cassi is one of the two people that got voted too early. The other person is Dominic. She WOULD OF faced out with Lawon if CBS. I will not sure who will win though because both of them are not really too good at competitions.

There seems to be a curse in the Big Brother house since season 11. The female model in the house gets to be the 2nd person voted out. Laura from Big Brother 11 was a bikini model, Monet from Big Brother 12 was a model, and so was Cassi! Maybe it's Big Brother saying we don't models. So, if you are a female model coming into Big Brother,

Because you are gonna be the 2nd person voted out.

Anyways, I like Cassi, and she was my early favorite before the veterans got in.

Anyways, in 8 minutes, I am ready to watch Kalia and Dani on super pass. So, a hasta la vista

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