Monday, September 5, 2011

Important Announcement To Make

I will not be doing a 30-day countdown for pets. This is for several reasons:

1. Rule-Breakers. There is rules that is broken in every single countdown. I am sick and tired of it.
2. My life is kinda getting busy with realty shows, and college.
3. The last countdown was so dead!
4. If I get banned while doing the countdown, then I will see the dishwasher lady when I go to the forums. So, I can't edit my posts for the countdown, and I kinda do not want to take risks. EA is like the terminator, but guess what? No terminator will ever terminate me for good. So do not even try to report me. It is just gonna be a waste of time for you.

For those reasons, I will NOT do a pets countdown! Go get a facebook, and go use the official countdown

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