Friday, September 2, 2011

A Rant About Me Getting Perma-Banned

Well, as you know from the last post, I got perma-banned!

They say I was "spamming"! They did not even show me the post I was spamming at! C'mon? I should have the right to see what I actually did "wrong"! It's like a police officer thought you did a crime, and he took you to jail, yet he has no evidence! Yeah, I recently have 10,000 posts, but I did not spam with those posts! I want some actual proof that I was "spamming" instead just banning me without any proof!

I have to say FUCK YOU EA! I have to start over with x_MG_x which I have about 50 posts, 6 friends, and I can not have a custom avatar (The tool that let me have one does not work for some reason)!

Whatever, you can try banning me all you want, but I am just gonna make a new account! So, there is no point in banning me EA!

I will leave you guys with this image:

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