Friday, September 23, 2011

Some Pets I Create With The Create-A-Pet Demo

I love the CAP demo! The customization is endless. I think I will use the Create a Pet demo every time my mom is not home because I really enjoy the tool!

Now, on to the Pets...

The first two pets are my dogs in real life! They are Lucy and Nelly

This is Lucy!

This is Nelly!

This is a picture of them in real life:


I think I did a pretty good job! They may not be perfect, but no one can be!

Then, we are some "wacko pets"!

This is Mojo!

This is Cookie!

You will need the Create-A-Pet Demo or Pets when it comes out! You will find these pets in the Uploads for the Fame column! Hope you have fun with those pets soon!

PS: Obviously there is no custom content for them.

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