Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 5

Previously on The Battle Against Mummification: After Kenneth was nominated as a replacement nominee, Tess went to solitary confinement for 24 hours. After she got out, Kenneth told her about him having a girlfriend outside the house. This cause an uproar in House #2, causing Tess to break up. At the mummification, the decision was clear that the contestants wanted Kenneth out, and he was mummified by a 9-1 vote with Lexi not voting. This means Karissa has earn herself a Golden Key. Then, shortly after Kenneth was mummified, the Saboteur warned the contestants that he or she was not Kenneth, and is here for at least another week. Tonight, who will win Head of Mummifcation, and who will he or she nominate for mummification? Plus, see what is the Saboteur's next task? Find out in this episode.

Riviera: Dude, why didn't you vote?

Lexi: Because I do not want to get blood on my hands.

Riviera: Dude, me making nominations gets more blood of my hands than a vote. The only time a vote gets blood of your hands is if it is a tie-breaker vote or a sole vote to mummify someone.

Lexi: Well, dude, Kenneth could of been mummified by a 6-5 vote if I had voted.

Riviera: Whatever, it didn't happen! You just became a target for mummification.

Riviera: Hey Nancy

Nancy: Hey!

Riviera: Listen, we gotta ditch Lexi. She is just gonna get us in trouble.

Nancy: Why?

Riviera: She did not vote, she is just gonna cause a target for all of us. We need to recruit 2 other people into our alliance.

Nancy: I think I can convince Miuccia to join our alliance.

Riviera: Cool! I gotta think of someone else to join our alliance.

(Also, the Queens is a completely made up alliance. Do not target them just because of this made-up alliance where there is a high chance that it is not true)

Nancy: Hey, I have a question.

Miuccia: I might have an answer.

Nancy: Would you like to an alliance between me and Riviera called the Queens?

Miuccia: While, of course I would.

Miuccia: When Nancy said she wants to form an alliance with me, I'm like Yeah! Of course, if I say No, then I will create a target in me.

Riviera: Listen, I am ready to forgot about the past! I nominated you because I want you to have a Golden Key! Now, I was wondering if you want to join an alliance between me, Nancy, and Miuccia call the Queens.

Karissa: You know I can't compete in any competitions?

Riviera: But you are still a vote.

Karissa: Well, I guess I can be align you. The only problem is that in the next H.O.M. challenge, only 2 of us will play in it: Nancy and Miuccia.

Riviera: Cool! Let's have a group meeting with all of us using our phones.

Nancy: Hey Queens, first of all who do you think is The Saboteur?

Miuccia: In my opinion, I think Dan is the Saboteur. Production could tell him when they say "If you to be the Opinionator," then stand up. That way it won't be as failed as Annie's reign as the Saboteur.

Riviera: I think either James or Remy could be the Saboteur. They both took a punishment even though they weren't even targets for mummification.

Karissa: Nolan in my opinion is way too quiet. He could be the Saboteur.

Nancy: Well, Thomas is quiet as well. I think he could be the Saboteur as well.

Karissa: Well, time will only tell.

*Day 14*

Ruby: Hello Kenneth, why don't have a sit to the right of you?

Ruby: You got the first backdoor of the show ever. You did not play for the Veto, you got to be a replacement nominee, and you got mummified. How does it feel?

Kenneth: Well, all I can say is at least it's at the beginning. I mean, I'm still a bit annoyed that I was backdoored! But at least I didn't get played on too much in the game, I suppose.

Ruby: You told Tess you have a girlfriend at home, and Tess broke up with you. Do you regret it?

Kenneth: I would have liked to have got further with Tess. Why did I even come out with that? That's SO unlike me...

Ruby: ______ is the only person who did not vote for you to become a mummy. Why do you think that (he/she) did that for you?

Kenneth: Maybe(he/ she) was the only genuine guy/girl in the house. I thought some people had

my back... obviously I was wrong. Thanks guys...

Ruby: Well, Kenneth, Rebecca, who was another sim of your creator, made it to the final 3 last season. This season, you are kinda out of luck because you didn't really make it too far. You will not be a juror this season, but you can outside the house, and get unmummified. Now, let's move on to the Head of Mummification competition.

Ruby: Hello, contestants! This competition is called Majority Rules. I will ask your questions with two choices.
The object is to not to base the answer on your personal opinions, but how you think the majority would answer. The minority of voters were eliminated each round. If there was a tie, no one would be eliminated.The last question will be a tie-breaker question. Also, James, if you score with the minority for one question, you will not be eliminated for that round. However, if you score with minority again with a question after the first question where you scored with the minority, you will be not be eliminated for that round. This is due to the fact that you got an advantage to this competition thanks to the Veto. Here we go! Which bedroom does the majority thinks looks more cooler: The French Bedroom or the Chinese Bedroom? If you think the majority said The French Bedroom, please turn your cabinet to Green. If you think the majority said the Chinese Bedroom, then turn your cabinet to Red.

Ruby: The majority said Green. I'm sorry, but Nolan, Nancy, Nagol, and Thomas, you all went with the minority, and all you have been eliminated. Next question: Which room does the majority think is a better place to hang out at: The Backyard or the Gym? If you think the majority will say The Backyard, turn your cabinet green. If you think the majority will say The Gym, turn your cabinet red.

Ruby: The majority said Green. James, since you have the advantage to this competition, you will not be eliminated this round. However, the next time you scored with the minority, you will be eliminated. This means, Miuccia, you have been eliminated for this round. Next question: What does the majority find more annoying: Contestants who don't wash their dishes, or contestants who don't wash their clothes? If you think the majority will say Contestants who don't wash their dishes, then turn your cabinet green. If you think the answer is contestants who don't wash their clothes, then turn your cabinet red.

Ruby: The majority said Green. Sorry Selena, you have been eliminated this round. Next question: Which prize that wasn't taken in the last Semi-Veto Ability competition would the majority rather take if they have a choice between those two prizes: To be able to watch TV for one hour or 10,000 dollars? If you think the majority said to be able to watch TV for one hour, then turn your cabinet green. If you think the majority said 10,000 dollars, then turn your cabinet red.

Ruby: The majority said red. Sorry James, you have been eliminated from this competition.

Ruby: Well, since there is only 2 contestants remaining in this competition, we have to move on to our tie-breaker question. The answer will be a number. Whoever comes closest to the number wins. The question is" By the time x_MG_x, the creator of the show, posted his top 6 favorite Big Brother contestants on the official thread of The Battle Against Mummification, how many posts did he have?

Tess: 910

Dan: 850

Ruby: The correct answer is 644.

Ruby: Congrats, Dan, you have won Head of Mummification.

Dan: Yes, I won Head of Mummification. I am safe for another week, and I get to have a room of my own.

Dan: Who wants to see my Head of Mummification room?

Dan: Yes, it's my favorite color Green.

Karissa: It looks like I am in Ireland.

Lexi: Hey, it ain't easy being green.

Tess: And how do you exactly know that?

Lexi: Because Kermit the Frog said that.

Karissa: Well, we didn't win H.O.M. this week.

Riviera: Hey, we can't win everything. I am gonna try my hardest to convince Dan to put up who want up. I want to get rid of the Saboteur this week.

Riviera: Hey, I just wanted to tell you that you have the sexiest eyes I ever seen.

Riviera: I am willing to do whatever it takes to get my alliance safety, and get whoever I want to be nominated nominated.

*Dan and Riviera make out*

Dan: Whoa, I only know you for 14 days, and I am already making out.

Riviera: Hey, we are not like old people who wait a year to make out.

Dan: True!

*Day 15*

Production: Remy, please go to the Diary Room.

Remy: What the Heck? I am trapped in the Diary Room.

The Saboteur: Contestants, this is the Saboteur speaking! I trapped your dear old friend Remy in the diary room. If you want him free, then you must look all over House #1 to find a key. That key will set Remy free. I suggest you start looking.

Tess: I really wanted to help Remy, but I do not live in House #1. Sorry Remy, but you have 6 other people to help you find the key.

Nagol: Of course I am NOT gonna help Remy find the key. I hate his guts ever since the day he called me Micheal Jackson.

Remy: Okay, it has been a hour since I was stuck in here, and I am started to get worried. What if I am stuck here for life? I may missed my favorite show, The Mole. The reason why it is my favorite is because I am on that show.

James: OMG, the key is hidden here. Remy is gonna be so glad that I found this.

Remy: Thank you James. I was seriously starting to get worried.

Riviera: So what's your plan for nominations? You have to make them tomorrow.

Dan: Well, ____ is going up for sure. Any person who did not ____ should be on the block.

Riviera: What about the 2nd nominee?

Dan: IDK! I was thinking Nancy?

Riviera: No, I do not think Nancy is the Saboteur. You need to nominate the Saboteur.

Dan: Who do you think is the Saboteur?

Riviera: Either James or Remy?
Dan: Well, James can't be nominated. Also, I do not think Remy is the Saboteur. The Saboteur locked him in the Diary Room today.

Riviera: That's the thing. Let's say that you are the Saboteur. You want this to remain a mystery so you have to sabotage yourself in order to get people to think that you are not the Saboteur. So, if Remy was the Saboteur, he may of lock himself in the Diary Room in order to get people to think he is not the Saboteur.

Riviera: You kinda have a point. Remy may be the Saboteur. However, at this point in the game, I do not know who the heck is the Saboteur. It could be anybody at this point.

*Day 16*

Dan: This is the nominations ceremony. Before I announced my nominations, I have an announcement to make. For the first time, some contestants will having food restriction. They will have to eat Canned Soup for the rest of this week based on certain conditions. This week, they have to eat Canned Soup because they score with the minority on the first question. These people include Nancy, Nagol, Thomas, and Nolan. Sorry guys, you should of tried harder in the competition. Anyways, onto our nominations,

Dan: Karissa, since you have the Golden Key, you are safe for the week.

Dan: James, thanks to the last Semi-Veto Ability competition, you are safe. I have decided to nominate......

Lexi for mummification because you didn't vote in the last round. I have also decided to nominate.......

Remy for mummification because I am suspicious of you. I wish both of you good luck in the Veto. You are gonna need it.

*Stay tune for Episode 6*