Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 7

Previously on The Battle Against Mummification: Dan won the 2nd Head of Mummification. He nominates Lexi who didn't vote in the last round, and Remy who he though was the Saboteur. In the Veto, Miuccia won it due to the fact that Dan rang his buzzer too early, and got an incorrect answer. Soon, Remy made a deal with Miuccia that is too good to refuse. Because that, she used her Veto on Remy. Soon, Dan was forced to pick a replacement nominee. He choose his girlfriend Riviera to be the replacement nominee hoping to give her a Golden Key. Tonight, who will be mummified: Riviera or Lexi? Plus, who will get a Golden Key? Find out tonight!

Dan: Don't worry baby! You will get a Golden Key, and you will make it to the final 10.

Riviera: How do you know that?

Dan: Because I know a lot of things. I know the sun will come up tomorrow. I know that we are gonna get out of this place some time, and I know that you are gonna get a Golden Key. Just lay low, and you can get it.

Riviera: Okay!

Riviera: Dan told me that I am gonna get a Golden Key. If this is true, then I will be as happy as when a Disney character gets it's happy ending.

*Day 19*

Lexi: I gotta get the votes for me to stay. My alliance with Nagol and Tess are gonna vote to mummify Riviera so I know I have those votes. I need more 4 more votes to stay, and get that Golden Key.

Lexi: Listen, I know for a fact that you have an alliance with Riviera, but let's just say that she is in a situation where she has to pick between you or Dan. Which would you pick?

Karissa: Me of course.

Lexi: But how do you know that?

Karissa: Because she told me.

Lexi: Well, she could be telling you what you want to here. Riviera nominated you last week, how can you trust someone who nominates you last week?

Karissa: I think you have a point! I think I gotta vote out Riviera this week.

Karissa: Lexi got a point. I have to break up the showmance by voting to mummify Riviera. Sorry Dan, but I gotta do it.

Lexi: Listen, you know that a showmance is an alliance right?

Nolan: Yeah?

Lexi: If you want a showmance to be prevented from going very far, then vote to mummify Riviera. Ruby and Stephan are very good at season 1 where they made it to the final 2 together. Now, we gotta prevent a showmance going to the final 2 this season.

Nolan: You have a point. I think that Riviera gotta go, and a showmance must leave this house.

Nolan: A showmance is like an alliance in this game. If I want to get further in this game, I have to break it apart, and vote to mummify Riviera.

Lexi: Hey Thomas!

Thomas: Hey!

Lexi: I know that you have a strong relationship between you and Selena.

Thomas: Yeah, we are like BFFs!

Lexi: I just want y0u guys to know you are the swing votes! If you vote out Riviera, you'll get rid of a potentially strong duo in this game. I love showmances, but you have to break up the showmance.

Thomas: Hmmmmm.... I'll think about me and Selena's vote.

*later that day*

The Saboteur: Contestants, this is the Saboteur speaking!

Riviera, I got a message for you.

Dan has a special someone at his hometown. Like Kenneth, he is a cheater. Do not worry about this. The two of you can discuss this when you get out this house.

Dan: Wait Riviera, I swear that I was dating no one before I came into this house.

Riviera: I believe you Dan. The Saboteur is trying to break us up. Guess what? You failed Saboteur.

Dan: Thank you.

Riviera: Your welcome.

Selena: Didn't you get the message?

Thomas: Yeah, Dan's a cheater like Kenneth.

Selena: Yeah, but that is not what I am talking about. I think the message is trying to make Dan/Riviera break up, get into a fight, and make Dan vote out Riviera if it comes down to a tie. I don't think Dan is a cheater at all. I think Lexi is the Saboteur, and she used that message to try to get votes.

Thomas: You got a point. This vote will be difficult. If we vote out Lexi, then we could get out the Saboteur. If we vote out Riviera, we could get out of what could be a potentially strong duo in this game. But all in all, it is gonna make people upset!

Ruby: We are live on Day 20. It is time to talk the contestants. Hello everybody.

Contestants: Hey!

Ruby: Well, I have a lot of questions to ask, but I wanna start with Remy. Remy, how does it feel to get off the block?

Remy: It felt good. I think I got eliminated too early in The Mole which is a reality show I was in, and I want to go as far as possible in this game.

Ruby: Karissa, how does it feel to hold the first Golden Key of the Summer?

Karissa: I do like having it, but I do not like having to sit out in competitions. I feel I might get bored, but at least I won't have to worry about nominations until the top 10.

Ruby: Well, this week, we added a new element to the game where some contestants have to eat canned soup for a week. Nancy, what is your honest opinions on the Canned Soup diet?

Nancy: It honestly the best diet I ever had. I lost 2 and a half pounds since I started the diet which I lost a half pound per day. I wouldn't want to eat Canned Soup for the rest of my stay in this game, but I think I can lose a lot of weight from eating it.

Ruby: Now, Dan, I will ask a very important question.

Dan: Bring it on!

Ruby: What does Dan's fake platinum symbol mean?

(Everybody is laughing)

Dan: Um, it was something Dan made in Big Brother 10 made during his season.

Ruby: Really?

Dan: Yes, just google "Dan's fake platinum symbol" and you will see a video of him making it.

Ruby: I'll do that after work. However, right now, we have a mummification to get to.

I shall announce the voting results soon. Remember, the mummified contestant will only have a few moments to walk to the Sacrophagus, and start her mummification. By a vote of 6-4,

*wait for it*

Lexi, the contestants voted to mummify you.

This means that Riviera will receive a Golden Key assuring her a spot in the top 10.

Lexi: Guys, you failed to break up a duo in this game. That duo could go the final 2 just like Ruby and Stephan. I hope you do the smart thing in the next mummification and vote out Dan. The 4 people that voted to mummify Riviera actually have brains. Well, guys I gotta go now, so bye! I am leaving with a bang! A hasta la vista!

Lexi: Idiots!

Ruby: Contestants, I believe you guys got out a player who I believe would eventually got out due to inactiveness. I would never want that to happen because that is ever worst than a drop-out in my opinion. Now, I have a message from the Saboteur!

The Saboteur: Contestants, if you think that Lexi is the Saboteur, then you are wrong. I am still here for at least another week. Remember, the Saboteur could be someone you least expect it to be.

Selena: Grrr.................................

Ruby: Now, contestants, I will ask each of you get a Good Night sleep. Tomorrow, you will start your first endurance challenge. This could last for hours just like the cold tub challenge last season. Good luck!

*Stay tune for our next episode*