Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 8

Thomas: Gosh, I was so freaking ****** that Lexi wasn't the Saboteur.

Selena: I know! That's the reason why we voted to mummify her. I do not know what to expect this week. I mean, we are like best friends in the house, but what if the Saboteur tries to break up our friendship.

Thomas: I am nervous about what the Saboteur will do. Anyways, do you know where Remy is? I kinda wanna talk to him.

Selena: I don't know. I think that Nagol is having another fight with him.

Nagol: Why didn't you vote to mummify Riviera you ******* idiot?

Remy: Well, why did you voted to mummify Riviera making yourself a target for mummification because you voted with the minority?

Nagol: How am I a target for doing that?

Remy: Dude, have you watched Big Brother 8? Eric voted to evict Kail twice, the house found out about it, and he nearly got evicted because of it.

Nagol: Well you know? You said you didn't want to be part of the nerd herd. Well, you are even worst.

Remy: Excuse me. You have gotten into fights just like Rachel did in Big Brother 12. I absolutely think you have no shot at winning even if you are in the final 2.

Nagol: Shut the **** up. You are just as bad as your mother.

Remy: Hey, my mother is currently at your creator's show. So, be quiet you villain.

Nagol: You know what? I am gonna do this to you

Remy: Ouch. You know what. I would slap you as well if I weren't a polite gentleman that never swears or have fights with. Na, I must this room because I have much better things to do other than argue with an idiot.

Remy: Trust me, I hope that he doesn't win Head of Mummification. If he does, I better win that Veto, or else I do feel as if I will be sleeping in that sarcophagus in 7 days.

Nagol: I want Remy gone so badly. Remy is coming after me. I know if he wins Head of Mummification, I will be nominated, and I will have to fight my heart out to win that Veto.

*Day 21*

Ruby: Hello Lexi, please have a seat to your right.

Officer Turner: Hold on, Lexi. This is Officer Turner, and we got some explaining to do.

Lexi: Oh no!

Officer Turner: 5 days before you enter this house, you robbed a shoe store. We recently found out about this.

Lexi: Okay, let me be clear. I burned those shoes that I stole, because they ruin the planet.

Officer Turner: Okay, you are going downtown with me.

Lexi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Officer Turner: Too bad. You are going to the place full of bad people.

Lexi: Why is your car an ice cream truck?

Officer Turner: Because somebody rob my police car, and I am stuck with this.

Ruby: Okay, I guess that we can't interview her. Let's go onto the H.O.M. competition.

Ruby: Contestants, it is time for the H.O.M. competition. Dan, as outgoing Head of Mummification, you will not be eligible to compete. Karissa and Riviera, you both have golden keys, which means you are both safe for the week therefore not competing in this competition. This competition is called "Hold The Button". The object of this competition has very simple. You step on the button, and you hold on to it as long as possible. If you step out the button, you will be eliminated from this competition. The last person standing will be the new Head of Mummification. Everybody step on their button now.

Ruby: The competition begins now! There is 2 things I should mention. The first thing is 4 eliminated from this competition will eat Canned Soup for the rest of the week. The second thing is that you are about to get a little bit wet.

Tess: Ugh!

Thomas: I hate water so much.

Ruby: Let's just say you are in for a long rough night.

Nancy: I'm feeling pretty confident in this challenge. It's 6 against 3, so I gotta feeling that Tess, Nolan, and Nagol won't win this.

Selena: I'm out! There is no way I am doing this for hours.

(Selena got a DQ for this competition. If Selena doesn't turn in 2 more assignments, she will receive a force elimination.)

Ruby: Sorry Selena, you have been eliminated from the competition, and will be eating Canned Soup for the rest of the week.

Remy: I'm out. I can't stand water.

Ruby: Sorry Remy, you have been eliminated from the competition, and will be eating Canned Soup for the rest of the week.

Miuccia: Guys, I'm out. I am getting too wet.

Ruby: Sorry Miuccia, you have been eliminated from the competition.

James: This is even worst than Halloween Horror Nights.

Nancy: When I was a kid, I never go to water parks. Amusement Parks are my thing not water parks.

Thomas: I have enough with this bull ****. I'm done.

Ruby: Sorry, Thomas, you will be eating Canned Soup for the rest of week. Anybody who comes out now will have regular food privileges for the week.

James: Honestly, I wanted to be eliminated from the start, but I want to eat food not canned soup. So, I guess I can get eliminated now.

Ruby: Sorry James, you have been eliminated from this competition.

Dan: My alliance is getting off their buttons one by one. I am really hoping that Nancy can pull this one off, and win this competition for me. I do not want Nagol, Tess, or Nolan to win it.

Nancy: I have enough with this.

Nolan: Hey, Nancy, let's make a deal. If you step off, we promise not to nominate you.

Nancy: I need all of you to promise that. Nagol, do you promise that?

Nagol: Yes, I swear that you are safe.

Nancy: Nolan.....

Nolan: Yes, I swear that I will not nominate you.

Nancy: Now, Tess.....

Tess: If I win Head of Mummification, then you will not be nominated this week. I swear on my life about that.

Nancy: There, I'm out. You better keep your deal though.

Ruby: Sorry Nancy, you have been eliminated from this competition.

Tess: I am gonna let the two guys duke it out.

Ruby: Sorry, Tess, you have been eliminated from this competition.

Nolan: Here, you have this Head of Mummification Nagol. I am getting kinda tired now.

Ruby: Congrats, Nagol, you have won Head of Mummification.

Nagol: Who wants to see my H.O.M. room?

Remy: I honestly do not want to see a room a person who has a brain as the size of a peanut. But you know that in this game, if you do not see a person's H.O.M. room, you will end up as a target in the game.

Nagol: Oh, it's blue, my favorite freaking color. At least it isn't orange. Every single H.O.M. room in the Semi-Veto Ability was orange ever since Avery won Head of Mummification.

Tess: Well, who do you think Nagol should nominate? I think he should nominate Remy. He's so coming after him.

Nolan: I do think he should nominate Remy.

Karissa: Hold on, you know that Miuccia used the Veto on Remy last week. What if the Veto is used again on Remy?

Nolan: You got a point. We have to backdoor him this week.

Tess: Yes, let's just hope that he doesn't get to play in the veto this week. I'm gonna tell Nagol about the plan.

Tess: Listen, Nagol, you have to backdoor Remy.

Nagol: Why?

Tess: I know you want Remy gone, but the only way you get Remy gone is by backdooring him. You saw how Remy was taken off the block last week. Remy could make a deal, and be taken off the block just like last week. We have to backdoor him.

Nagol: You know what? I guess that I do have to backdoor him.

Nagol: The plan is to backdoor Remy this week. I do not want him winning the Veto. But hey, anyone who is not with me, Tess, Karissa, or Nolan is considered a threat.

*Day 22*

The Saboteur: Contestants, worried about nominations? I wouldn't be worried if I were you. Why? Because both post-veto nominations may have a chance to stay. Nagol, I would think twice about your nominations if I were you.

Karissa: Wow, that is certainly a surprise for us.

Riviera: Expect the Unexpected!

Nancy: Guys, someone have a mystery power in this game.

Thomas: I would think if there is a mystery power, they would announce it to us.

Nolan: They didn't announce the Power of Immunity to the contestants last season.

James: Well, there could a cancellation of the upcoming mummification.

Tess: I don't think that TBAM would cancel a mummification just like Big Brother wouldn't cancel an eviction.

Nagol: What the Saboteur said made me totally rethink my nominations, because whoever is sitting on the nominations chairs on Day 27 both may stay. I do not want to make another Lawom move, so I have to think carefully.

Karissa: I think Nagol is kinda worried about this week because of what the Saboteur said. If Remy did became a replacement nominee, and he wasn't mummified due to the fact that possible statement of what the Saboteur said is true, then I think Nagol is gonna be kinda very mad. However, I think that he won't cause another Chima incident.

Nagol: This is the nominations ceremony. I am gonna make this simple. I nominate Dan and Thomas for mummification. This ceremony is adjourned.

*Stay tune for episode 9*