Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 6

Tess: I'M OUT OF THIS ASTRONAUT SUIT. Let's hope I do not have to wear another costume.

Tess: I have a new outfit, and I am out the dang astronaut costume. I think my new outfit matches with my personalty.

Lexi: Listen, I need you to do something. All the girls are alligned except for me, you, and Selena. I think that Selena has a side alliance with Thomas. I already talked to Nagol, and we are already to alligned. I was wondering if you like to aligned with me as well.

Tess: Well, since the other girls are aligned too, I kinda have to say Yes.

Lexi: Cool, you just have to get pick, and...

Tess: I can't play in this week's Veto.

Lexi: Oops, I forgot about that. I hope that Nagol can save me using the Veto.

*Day 17*

Thomas: I am so bored right now.

Selena: Then, let's go play Truth or Dare.

Selena: Oh, that sounds like a good thing to do. Let's gather up the whole entire house.

Selena: We were all bored, so we decided to play a game of truth or dare. This should get interesting.

Selena: Well, Thomas, truth or dare.

Thomas: Truth.

Selena: Would you kiss a frog for 1 million dollars?

Thomas: Yeah, just as long as I don't get turn into a frog. Nagol, truth or dare?

Nagol: Truth.

Thomas: Would you rather eat Canned Soup for the rest of your life, or never compete in a competition for the rest of this game?

Nagol: That's a tough one. Considering I have many years left in my life, and I only have about 60 days left in the game, I will have to say never compete in a competition for the rest of this game. Miuccia, truth or dare?

Miuccia: Dare.

Nagol: I dare you to go skinny dipping in the pool.

Miuccia: Um, alright.

Miuccia: Here goes nothing.

Nagol: OMG, she did the dare.

Remy: It feels wierd seeing her without clothes.

Nagol: Shut the **** up you *****.

Nancy: Guys, please do not start another fight.

Nolan: Seeing Miuccia skinny-dipping was the strangest yet funniest thing that happen in this house.

*later that day*

Ruby: Contestants, it's time for the Veto. 6 people will play in it: The Head of Mummification, the two nominees, and three people selected by random draw. Tess, you can not compete in this week's Veto due to the sacrifice she made in the last veto. The three people selected by random draw are............

Ruby: Riviera,

Ruby: Selena,

Ruby: And Miuccia. All contestants playing in the Veto please go downstairs.


Ruby: This competition is "Vaughan Van Veto". An artist named Vaughan Van Veto has left a bunch of puzzle pictures for you guys. Using those puzzle pictures, you must describe a common word or phrase that is used in The Battle Against Mummification. Once you think got the word/phrase right, then be the first to buzz in, and say it. If you get it correct, then you will remain in the game, but you have to choose a person to eliminate. Get it wrong, and you will be eliminated from the game. The last person standing will win this week's Veto. The first puzzle pictures are.....


*Selena rigs in her buzzer first*

Selena: Backdoor.

Ruby: Correct. Who do you want to eliminate?

Selena: Lexi

Ruby: Sorry Lexi, you have been eliminated from this competition.

(At Round 5, Remy has been eliminated in round 2, Riviera has been eliminated in round 3, and Selena has been eliminated in round 4)

Ruby: Miuccia, Dan, one of you is about to win this week's Veto. Whoever gets this correct will win it. The puzzle pictures for this round are....



*Dan rings his buzzer first*

Ruby: Dan?

Dan: Um.... Dan's fake platinum symbol.

Dan: I accidentally rang in my bell too early. I have to make a guess which I know I was way off in.

Ruby: Sorry Dan, you got it wrong. Good news, Miuccia, you won the Semi-Veto Ability.

Miuccia: Yes, I won my first competition of the summer. I can pull someone off the block, and still be safe.

Remy: I will do whatever I can to get Miuccia to pull me off the block. I would even marry Miuccia in order to get Miuccia to use the Veto on me.

Remy: Miuccia, can I make a deal with you?

Miuccia: Sure!

Remy: Listen, if you use the Veto on me, then I will never ever nominate you unless it's a default nomination.

Miuccia: A default nomination?

Remy: You know a nomination by default. For example, let's say you and i are in the final 4. I won HOH. You are the only person who I did not nominate before the Veto. Then, one of my pre-veto nominations win it, and you end up on the block because you are the only option for that week's nominations. That is a default nomination.

Miuccia: Oh!

Remy: I will also never ever vote to mummify you. I swear on my family on that.

Miuccia: Seriously? Do you want me to bring out the bible?

Remy: Yes, you can bring out the bible on that. However, let me tell you I won't be another James Rhine.

Miuccia: Well, okay.


Miuccia: Hey Riviera.

Riviera: Hey.

Miuccia: I think I have got to use the Veto on Remy.

Riviera: Why would you want to to use the Veto of Remy who could be the Saboteur?

Miuccia: He made a deal that I have to keep. Can you convince him to not put up one of us?

Riviera: Sure.

Tess: I overheard Riviera talking, and I heard that Miuccia is using the Veto on Remy. This could be a great opportunity to get Dan to nominate Riviera, or Nancy.

Tess: Listen, Dan, there is a Golden Key twist in the game you know that.

Dan: Yeah?

Tess: I know you want Riviera to be safe next week, but if you want her to guarantee safety next week, you have to nominate her.

Dan: Wait, is Miuccia using the Veto?

Tess: She is using it on Remy.

Dan: Well, I want Riviera to be safe next week, but I do not want her to be mummified next week.

Tess: Well, then you have to campaign your heart out. Besides, Lexi didn't vote in the last round, so she will be a goner soon.

Dan: Listen, you know the Golden Key twist.

Riviera: Yeah?

Dan: I really want you to have it.

Riviera: But I am gonna have to get nominated in order to get it. In this game, anything can happen. The house could try to break us apart, and vote me out. You know what happen to Kellan? The same thing could happen to me.

Dan: Look, if you trust me, then you would get a Golden Key.

Riviera: I trust you, but if I get mummified, then I will break up with you.

James: Hey I am gonna to bed.

Miuccia: I am too!

James: Anyways, I hope you make the right decision with the Veto.

Miuccia: I hope so too!

Miuccia: Oh my ******* god!

(The Note Reads

Dear Miuccia,

I Know Your Secret


The Saboteur)

Miuccia: Okay, this is going to the trash.

Miuccia: I say a note in my bed saying "I know your secret", and it was from the Saboteur. I immediately throw it to trash because people could think a lot of things with it. They could think I am rich. They could suspect I'm in a secret alliance. They could even think I have some sort of a secret power like the Veto Ability, or the Power of Immunity.

*Day 18*

Miuccia: This is our 2nd Veto meeting. Remy and Lexi has been nominated for mummification. However, I have the power to remove one of the two nominees. I will like to give you both your last opportunity to address why should I use Veto on you. Lexi, we'll begin with you.

Lexi: I just really want to compete longer, and I'm not ready to become a mummy yet.

Miuccia: Remy?

Remy: If you use the Veto on me, then I will do so much for you that you will probably thank me for it. Just remember that 12 of us want to win this game. One of those 12 people is me. The contestant that does not want to win the game is the Saboteur.

Miuccia: Well, I have made a decision. I have decided to use the Semi-Veto Ability on

Remy because he is pretty irreplaceable, and the game wouldn't be the same without him. Dan, since I just veto'd one of your nominations, you must make a replacement nominee.

Dan: Well, as you all know, there is a Golden Key twist. There is one person that I want the Golden Key other than myself. However, in order for that person to get a Golden Key, that person has to be nominated. I am well aware of the risks I am taking when I choose.......

Riviera as my replacement nominee. Sorry baby, but if you want that Golden Key, you have to be nominated.

Miuccia: This ceremony is adjourned.

*Stay tune for the next episode*