Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Big Brother 13 Houseguests Reviews: JeJo

I kinda am doing Jeff and Jordan together, because I kinda have the same thoughts for both of them unlike the other couple in the house (Brenchel). I also want to get this done quickly.

Jeff and Jordan are kinda like America's Sweerhearts. I used to like them until this season. Jeff is a bully and an asshole. He bullies the other contestants, and bullies ruin America. I also want Dumbledore to be real, and make him have a magical duel with him. I was really pissed when Jeff won America's Favorite Player. He should of won America's Worst sore Loser. Jordan doesn't deserve to win sh*t. She didn't any good strategic moves except for "voting to evict Kevin." I hated them this season. I was reall I am not sure if people are allowed to come back for a third season, but if they are, I hope that they won't come back.

And if you are a JeJo fan, and you like to comment bitching about how much I hate them, your comment will be deleted, so do not waste your time by doing that.

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