Sunday, October 30, 2011

Black Jesus Follows That Unicorn On The Road To Love (2 New Uploaded Pets)

So, I have two pets in my game. One is Highway Unicorn, and the other is Black Jesus. They are both named after Lady GaGa songs. Let's start with Black Jesus.

This is Black Jesus. He isn't black, but he has some strange colors. I love pets with unusual colors. That is because I am strange.

This is Highway Unicorn. I am glad that unicorns in this game. I made a rant for those wanting werewolves in the game, and I am glad that they have something new in the game. Though, I have to download the master controller to try to get him.

Now, you need no cc for these pets, but you need The Sims 3: Pets. You can find him in the Uploads for the Fame column. Hope you have fun with them.

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