Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Showcase Stuff

I love to participate in it! However, I kinda had a problem with this:

NOTE: Sims, Lots, and Stories must be uploaded to the Exchange or Movies & More. Machinima can be uploaded to Movies & More or linked from YouTube.

Yeah, there is thing called culling in The Sims 3, where if your sim is not doing well in the exchange, it will be culled. That is why I upload stuff here!

Plus, Stories must be uploaded in the Movies and More! Dude, look at the Stories and Legacies section! I do not see a lot of stories posted in Movies and More! There are either on blogs, or posted on the thread. Well, since the videos are allowed to linked on YouTube, then why can't stories be posted in blogs?

Also, I can't do videos, because macs get glitchy when it comes to videos!

Well, I guess I have to do a screenshot since I can not do the rest!

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