Sunday, October 23, 2011

A possible "Lawon" move in Survivor

Yes, another person asks to be eliminated with the hopes of being back in this game.

If you are not familiar with Lawon's move, there is this guy named Lawon who asked to be evicted, and he thinks he is gonna get back in this game. However, as it turns out, he didn't, and someone who I hated did.

Now, another "Lawon"' move is at Survivor, and if that person doesn't come back, that will be the dumbest move I saw so far. What is with all these people asking to be voted out thinking that they will come back? That is just plain stupid.


  1. I agree. It's snobbish, and downright stupid. I like Christine, and I don't think she will lose her last redemption island.

  2. I know. They are just gambling with their game by asking them to join Redemption Island. I also think Christine won't make very far if she gets back to the game.