Monday, October 24, 2011

Sugar Milton

So, I updated my Sugar Milton with some new clothes and a new personalty. Don't worry, they are just as unusual as her old clothing.

You need Pets and Late Night for this sim.

A good description of her will be this:

Sugar is indeed a crazy person. She eats pizza for breakfest, always showers/bathes with her clothes on, wears very tacky clothing, scares random people on the street, burns a random clothing item every Monday, randomly bursts out songs, and believes in magical creatures that do not exist (like elves, fauns, trolls, etc.) Despite her craziness, she has a soft spot of animals, and became a vegetarian because she doesn't want them to die. She has a tomcat named Mojo, a male dog named Black Jesus, and a mare named Cookie. All three of her pets have an unusual coat coloring. She will like to have an unicorn named Highway as well. She is also very good at riding horses, and is able have a career as a horsewoman.

You can find her in the Uploads for Fame column. Hope you have fun with her.

PS: All cc is transferabl but she has a crapload of cc..

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