Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 9

Riviera: I feel bad that you are on the block.

Dan: I know! I think Nagol's plan is to backdoor Remy.

Riviera: Yeah, but how do you know that? You need someone who you know that will take you off the block. I have a golden key, so I can't play in the competition. I was thinking James, because he is so far laying low, and he doesn't really have an alliance yet.

Dan: What about Nancy?

Riviera: She has a close friendship with Miuccia, so that is kinda like an alliance.

Dan: Okay!

Riviera: I have an alliance with Nancy and Miuccia, and I have a showmance with Dan. I kinda want to take Dan to the end, but I need someone I can trust who I know who can take to the end. Karissa, Nagol, Nolan, and Tess are in an alliance, and I am not sure what they will do. Thomas and Selena have been flirting a lot lately, and they have a close friendship with Remy, so if Remy or Selena win the Veto, they will hands down take Thomas off the block. That leads off to one person: James. He is laying low, and he have no alliance yet.

Dan: Listen, James, I will like to propose an offer. How about we make a final 3 deal with me, you, and Riviera?

James: Seriously? I will love to take that deal. I will have to say Yes.

Dan: There is one thing you have to do in order for us to take you there. You have to use the Semi-Veto Ability on me this week if you win the Veto.

James: Sure!

Dan: Thank you.

*Dan hangs up*

Dan: Well that is easy!

Ruby: Hello, h0useguests, we are picking players for tomorrow's Veto competition. Nagol, as current H.O.M., you will play in it. The two nominees, Dan and Thomas will also played in it. There will be three people picked from a random draw. Those people are Nancy, Nolan, and Tess. The competition begins as soon as you wake up.

Dan: I needed James to play in this competition, but unfortunately he didn't. Now, I have to win this competition in order to secure my safety in this game.

Nagol: I feel good about the people playing in the Veto. 5 of the 6 are on board will backdooring Remy. However, I am not sure what Nancy will do if she wins the Veto, so I hope that she doesn't win it. She is definitely a wild card.

*Day 24*

Dan: OMG! Look at all these objects!

Riviera: What the heck happened to this house?

Tess: Why are these pet toys are in this room?

Karissa: IDK!

Ruby: Contestants, please go to the backyard to start the Veto competition.

Riviera: Holy crap! There is a bunch of objects in this house.

Tess: I gotta feeling this is gonna be a crazy competition.

Karissa: I know!

Ruby: Contestants, we brought the house guests from House #1 who are playing in this competition here in House #2. This competition is called "Bringing the Goods". All over the house, there is a bunch of different objects. For example, there is small tombstones in this yard. You must collect those objects and put them in the car. Once you think you have enough, get inside the car. Whoever gets the most objects at the end will win the Semi-Veto Ability. Also, the winner of this competition will walk away with a sports car. Now, everybody, the competition begins now.

*after the competition is over*

Dan: Well, I think I could win this competition.

Tess: Man, I hope I can win my 2nd veto.

Nolan: I am so squished. I have way too many objects in my car.

Nagol: Oh why do I have so little objects? Oh, it because I am throwing this competition.

Nancy: Let's hope that's enough!

Thomas: I need this Veto badly.

Ruby: I shall announce the person with the objects in his or her car. With 175 objects, the person with the most objects in their car is...


Nolan: YES!

Ruby: Congrats, you won the Veto and a sports car because of it.

Nolan: I feel so good that I won that Veto. I control the fate of the two nominees.

Nagol: I do want Nolan to use the Semi-Veto Ability on one of the nominees. This week, I do want to backdoor Remy, and Nolan knows that, so I expect him to use it.

James: OMG, there's this freaking note in my bed that says "Liar". Dude, I haven't lied once in this game. **** you saboteur!

James: Listen, the Saboteur put a note on my bed. That note says "Liar". I just wanted you to know I haven't lied once in this game so far. I didn't lied about I was gonna take Dan and Riviera to the final 3 with me.

Nagol: What?

James: Oops....

Miuccia: Busted!

James: Look, it's not what I meant!

Thomas: You should of kept that to yourself you know!

Nagol: Now that James revealed that he has a final 3 deal with Dan and Riviera, that completely change my plans. I may have to nominate James instead of Remy, and break up that final 3 deal. It's a lot to think about.

*Day 25*

Nolan: Listen, do you want me to use the Veto?

Nagol: Yes, use it on Thomas! I have to think about my replacement nominee.

Nolan: What do you mean?

Nagol: I may have make James my replacement nominee. Last night, I found out he has a final 3 deal with Dan and Riviera.

Nolan: Oh, I heard about that. He said that last night by accident.

Nagol: Well, I have a lot to think about. Be sure to use it on Thomas.

Nolan: Dan and Thomas, you guys have been nominated. I hold the power to take one of the two nominees off the block. Dan, would you like to tell me why I should use the Semi-Veto Ability on you?

Dan: Well, when I was H.O.M. last week, I have to go through tough decisions. This week, with you holding the Semi-Veto Ability, you may have to go through a tough decision. I will totally understand if you don't use the Semi-Veto Ability on me.

Nolan: Thomas?

Thomas: I am not a threat in this game. I haven't won a competition so far, and so far I made friendships in the house not alliances. There is bigger threats in the house, and you have to get rid of them. So, please use the Semi-Veto Ability on me, and you can get out a big threat in the house.

Nolan: I have made up my mind! I do decide to use the Semi-Veto Ability on..............................................................................

Nolan: Thomas because he is less of a threat!

Thomas: Seriously? Thank you!

Nolan: Nagol, since I just veto'd one of your nominations, you must choose a replacement nominee.

Nagol: I have thought very hard about this. I am pretty sure that you all somebody made a final 3 deal with the showmance of this season. I am gonna have to break up the final 3 deal, and nominate James.

Nagol: Sorry man!

Nolan: This meeting is....

Ruby: Wait, I have an important announcement to make. Nolan, please sit down.

Ruby: As many of you guys, there is a law saying that you can not have more than 8 sims in a household. That law has been repealed. Tomorrow, we having the merge. This means that you guys won't ever have to live in different houses again. Also, we have decided to change the jury rules. The last 7 mummified contestants will be part of the jury not the last 5 mummified contestants. Also, the Saboteur's new goal is to make to the top 9 not top 8. So, I suggest everyone pack your bags because we are going to the Merge tomorrow.

Dan: Wow!

Tess: That was unexpected!

Selena: Expect the Unexpected!

Nolan: Okay, now I can say it! This meeting has been adjourned!

*Stay tune for the next episode*