Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 10

Previously on The Battle Against Mummification, Nagol won Head of Mummification. He then put up Dan and Thomas as pawns to backdoor Remy. Then, Nolan has proven to be a competitor by winning the Semi-Veto Ability. Nagol asks Nolan to use it on Thomas. Because of that, he used it on Thomas. When Nagol have to choose a replacement nominee, he shocked the contestants by nominating James due to the fact that all of the contestants found out he has a final 3 deal with Dan and Riviera the night before the Veto Ceremony. At the end, Ruby made an announcement saying the merge will happen the day after the Veto Ceremony. She also said that the jurors will be the last 7 mummified contestants instead of the last 5 mummified contestants, and the Saboteur only has to make it to the final 9 instead of the final 8. Who will be mummified: Dan or James? Find out right now.

*Day 26*

Ruby: Welcome everyone to the Merge. You all know each other, but this is the first time you are seeing each other. The merge house looks almost the same! The only difference is that we have more beds, a bigger dining table, and some more couches in the living room! Once, you move in, you must go ahead, and pick your beds! You may now go inside the merge house!

Miuccia: As soon as we went up to the merge room, we are all picking rooms quickly.

Selena, Thomas, Riviera, and Dan choosed the Chinese room.

Karissa, Tess, and Nolan choose the French Room.

Me, James, Remy, and Nancy choose the American room.

Nagol already has his H.O.M. room.

Selena: Hey congrats on getting off the block!

Thomas: You don't have to congrat me for it!

Selena: Yes I do! Besides, if I didn't, I wouldn't give you this:

Thomas: A kiss! Seriously?

Selena: Listen, I know you like me. You always hang out with me. I know it when a guy likes a girl! Admit it! You like me.

Thomas: No!

Selena: Liar!

Thomas: Fine, I like you.

Selena: So, I guess it means we are together!

Dan: Look, I need to talk to you about something.

Riviera: What?

Dan: I think that you are not the girl for me. I am sorry but I am breaking up with you.

Riviera: What the heck? I love you ever since we kissed!

Dan: Sorry, you are not my type! I am more into crazy tattoo-ed chicks.

Riviera: You know what? **** you. If you are not that into me, you could of just play me. I break with the guys, the guys don't break up with me. You needed my vote, and guess what? You lost it you mother ******* *****. You have the ******* brain of a size of mother ******* peanut.

(Rant continues one for 5 minutes)

Riviera: Here, I am done talking! I am leaving this room.

The Saboteur: Contestants, as you know, trust is a big thing in this game. If you don't trust someone, then you will try to get rid of them. I am telling you know: Do not trust Riviera. She is a person who you absolutely can not trust in this game. If I were you, I would try to get rrid of her after her golden key expires.

Riviera: I know what you are doing! You are trying to get the whole entire house against me. You are the ******* saboteur.

Dan: No, I'm not!

Riviera: Yes you are! Now, I want you to get ready for your ******* mummification tomorrow, because you will get ******* mummified tomorrow.

Nagol: Listen, guys, I think I have an idea.

Nolan: What?

Nagol: I think that we need to vote out ______. If ______ goes home, the target gets less on us, and bigger on ___. We want to be as little targets as we can.

Karissa: Yeah, but I think I can trust _____ more than I can trust ___. ___ may be the Saboteur.

Tess: But the thing is that let's say if ______ gets mummified this week. This would mean that ___ gets a golden key making him unable to compete in the next Head of Mummification so he can't nominate us. Then, when we play in the Head of Mummification competition after that, it will be 8 against 1, so I don't expect him to win.

Nolan: That's a good point. So, we are voting out _____ this week.

Karissa: Correcto!

Ruby: Hello contestants. We are live on Day 27. I wanted to say that this will be the last season where we will have two houses not working together. Instead, everyone will live in the same house from day 1 all the way to the end. Now, let's ask some questions.

Yesterday, one couple had a very harsh break-up. I want to turn to Riviera on this. Is there any thing you want to say at this moment about this matter?

Riviera: Yeah, it was a bad move. He needed my vote, and he lost it.

Ruby: Thomas, what's it like for you to be taken off the block?

Thomas: It feels amazing! However, I do feel as if I will get a golden key if I haven't been taken off the block.

Ruby: Selena, yesterday, you gave a certain someone a kiss. That someone is your best friend in your house, Thomas. What is the relationship between you and Thomas as of right now?

Selena: We are now officially dating. We are now the new showmance since Riviera and Dan broke up.

Ruby: Well, I have the results right here. Just for the record, the person that will be voted out today is not the Saboteur. When I reveal the votes, the person with the most votes will only have a few moments to say goodbye, and start his mummification. By a vote of 5-4,

Dan, you will be mummified soon.

Meaning James, you will receive a Golden Key assuring you a spot in the top 10.

Dan: Well, this sucks. Anyways, I gotta go get mummified.

*Stay tune for our next episode*