Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 11

Karissa: Listen, who the heck was the 4th vote to mummify James?

Tess: IDK! Listen, me and Dan talked this morning, and he wanted to give you this!

Tess: It has a letter inside! Read it!

Karissa: Wow! I honestly don't know what to say. Though, he should of broke up with Riviera AFTER the mummification ceremony? That way he would of ended up staying.

Ruby: We are live with Dan on day 28! Let's interview him NOW! You broke up with Riviera 2 nights ago, and she became really mad. If you haven't broke up, she'll probably vote to mummify

James, and you will get a golden key. Do you have any regrets about doing that?

Dan: The truth is it wasn't working out for me with Riviera. I had been holding a dark secret that no one knows and it was killing me, and I felt the best thing to do was to break it off with Riviera. I didn't want to lead her on anymore. That secret being that I had feelings for Karissa. Ever since that day she helped me get over my fear of birds--I hadn't stopped thinking about her. I really wanted to start something with her, but nothing ever happened beyond that. Then I started to get close to Riviera, and although I did love her, I couldn't help wonder, "what if" when it came to Karissa. It was driving me nuts, and I felt if I stayed with Riviera...it wouldn't be fair to her, so I broke it off with her thinking I was going to have more time to try to start something with Karissa.

Do I regret it? At the time, no. Knowing she most likely voted for me because I hurt her, yes. I didn't want to hurt her. There is no easy way to break things off with someone...someone is going to get hurt, but I felt this was the lesser evil than to lead her on longer. I'm not a cheater, never have been, and wanted to make sure I had a clean cut from Riviera before I attempted anything with Karissa.

Ruby: Well, this is kinda interesting. Will you think Riviera is able to forgive you, and become friends with you?

Dan: I would love to remain friends with Riviera, but if she chooses to not, then that's her choice.

Ruby: _______, ________, ___________, and ____________ all voted to mummify James, and

keep you safe. Why did you think they did that?

Dan: I think they felt I was a lesser threat to them than James was; hence, the reason they voted

for him and not me.

Ruby: Well, Dan, you are not a mummy juror this season, so I will ask you to leave soon. But first,

I want you to stay because you will play a role in the H.O.M. competition which we like to call

"Dan Thinks That", so stay right here.

Ruby: We are at the Head of Mummification competition! Free from the threat of mummification, the Head of Mummification must put two contestants on the chopping block. Who will the Head of Mummification will be? Let's find out!

Ruby: Contestants, you are about to play in this week's Headof Mummification competition.

Ruby: Nagol, as current Head of Mummifcation, you are not edible to compete this week. Karissa, Riviera, and James, you all hold Golden Keys therefore you guys are safe, therefore not competing.This competition is called "Dan Thinks That"

Ruby: I have Dan right beside me! He is unable to see you guys in order to prevent him to manipulate the competition to his liking. I will give several True or False that start with Dan thinks that. You must either turn your cabinet green for true, or red for false. Then, I will ask Dan for his answer. If you put the same answer as him, you stay in the game. If not, you will be eliminated from that round unless everybody has the same incorrect answer. The last person standing will be the new Head of Mummification. Does everybody understand?

Contestants: Yeah!

Ruby: Let's begin! True or False: Dan thinks that the contestant most likely to be in a secret showmance is Tess. Answers please!

Ruby: Dan, what is your answer?

Dan: True!
Ruby: I am sorry, but Tess, Thomas, and Remy have all been eliminated from this round! Next question: The contestant most likely to get voted out by a mystery power is Nagol. Answers please!

Ruby: Well, since all of you choose the same answer, we do not need to know the answer because you all are gonna stay no matter if it's right or wrong. Next question: Dan thinks that the person most likely to go to a Vegas Casino, and gamble all day and all night long is Karissa.

Ruby: Dan, what is your answer?

Dan: False!

Ruby: Miuccia, since you went with true, you have been eliminated from this competition. Next question: The contestant most likely to have 6 Siberian Huskies in his or her house is Remy.

Ruby: Well, since all of you choose the same answer, we do not need to know the answer because you all are gonna stay no matter if it's right or wrong. Next question: Dan thinks that Selena and Thomas will go to the final 2 together.

Ruby: Dan, what is your answer?

Dan: False!

Ruby: I am sorry Nancy, but since you said True, you have been eliminated from this competition! Dan thinks that the funnest competition he played in was his last Veto.

Ruby: Dan, what is your answer?

Dan: True!

Ruby: Congrats, Nolan, you won Head of Mummification!

Nolan: Hell yeah boy! I won Head of Mummification! I can finally get my own room for a week!

Nagol: I feel safe with Nolan winning! Unless something really crazy happens, I don't think I'll be put up!

Ruby: Dan, I will for you to leave the house now!

Karissa: Wait Dan, I needed to talk to you!

Ruby: Karissa, Dan can not talk to you now! He has to leave!'

Karissa: Grrrr...............

Karissa: I had the chance to talk to Dan, but I couldn't because Dan has to leave! I guess I have to wait a while to him what I honestly feel!

Nolan: Who wants to see my Head of Mummification room?

Nolan: It's my favorite color Sea Foam!

Riviera: I never heard of that color before!

*Nolan does a facepalm for Riviera*

Nolan: So who should I nominate?

Nagol: Thomas and Selena, they are in a showmance

Karissa: But what about the floaters? They are basically in an alliance together.

Tess: Karissa, you are kinda floater with your golden key not it's not by choice.

Karissa: Yeah, but at least I have an alliance. I mean, does Remy even have an alliance?

Nolan: Remy is "friends" with Thomas and Selena, but from what I heard, he's too scared to make an alliance because he is afraid he'll align himself with the Saboteur.

Tess: Man, that guy is kinda a coward. Plus, what about Nancy and Miuccia?

Karissa: I heard that they used to be aligned with Riviera until they found about her final 3 deal with James and Dan.

Nagol: Dude, forget about floaters. We need to after the showmance.

Nolan: Guys, I just want to say this. The floaters basically have an alliance of their own. Like, who do you think the floaters will nominate if they win Head of Mummification?

Nagol: I honestly don't know!

Nolan: Well, I have to say thank god I don't have to make nominations now. I got some time to think about them.

*Day 29 at 5:00 am*

Selena: Man, I can't believe we have been in this hot tub for 5 hours.

Remy: Well, we say that we are the Pajama Jammers.

Thomas: Well, Remy, you live in Syndey right.

Remy: Yep!

Thomas: In Syndey, it would of been 9:00 pm right now since you guys are 16 hours ahead of EST!

Remy: No, it would of been 1:00 pm, and Day 29 wouldn't have been here yet.

Thomas: Now, 1:00 pm would be 16 hours behind not ahead!

Remy: No, 16 hours ahead would be 1:00 pm yesterday. I took classes in school about this.

Thomas: Well, Ruby's creator is in Australia, so we could ask her when we see her.

Selena: I do not we need to ask her because you are right Zoohoo.

Remy: Zoohoo?

Selena: That's my nickname to Thomas. I find that name kinda sexy and cute like Thomas is.

*Thomas feels slightly embarrassed*

Remy: Whatever, I am gonna ask Ruby when we see her.

The Saboteur: Contestants, as you know in this game, there can be secret alliances in the game. There is a secret alliance between James and Riviera. You need to break up secret alliances or else you'll won't win the half million.

Miuccia: Let me just say this! That was a FAIL sabotage. First of all, we all know about their little final 2 deal so they aren't a secret alliance. They are in a public alliance. 2nd of all, if the Saboteur is trying to convince Nolan to put them, he can't because he has golden keys. So, to whoever is the Saboteur, you might wanna get your facts straight before you do that sabotage.

Tess: I agree. To whoever the Saboteur, what have you been missing in the past week?

*Day 30*

Karissa: So nominations are today! Who are you gonna nominate?

Nolan: I kinda want some opinions from my allies first.

Karissa: Well, I think you should nominate two floaters. Floaters always make it far in every single season of Big Brother. For example, Adam made it to the final 3 in Big Brother 13 because Dani's side in the house was too busy trying to get rid of the two showmances in the house, and the two showmances in the house was too busy trying to get rid of Dani's side in the house. In my opinion, he is the true definition of floater

Nolan: You got a point but what about Selena and Thomas? They are in a showmance, and we gotta prevent them going to the final 2 together like Ruby and Stephan did in the Start. Let me ask Nagol on his opinion.

Nolan: Nagol, what are your opinions on the nominations?

Nagol: I think that you should nominate Selena and Thomas. Remember how Ruby and Stephan made it to the final 2 in the first season? That could happen this season with Selena and Thomas instead.

Nolan: But what about the floaters?

Nagol: Just let them float! Don't be like Rachel and say "FLOATERS BETTER GRAB A LIFE VEST".

Nolan: Trust me I won't! I hate that annoying ginger ***** ever since the cast list for Big Brother 12 was announced. Though I do have to say I do hate most of the Big Brother 12 cast.

Nagol: Well, it's up to you. Will you let floaters float or let a possibility of Selena and Thomas in the final 2 happen?

Nolan: Yo Tess, wanna come up to my Head of Mummification room, and spy on the house guests?

Tess: Sure!

Nolan: So I want your opinion on this. I have been deciding between nominating two floaters or nominating Selena and Thomas. Which of the two should I nominate?

Tess: Well, I kinda had a better idea. How about you nominate one floater and one person from the Selena and Thomas showmance?

Nolan: That seems like a good idea. Oh, look at the spy TV. Selena and Thomas are about to hit a make out section.

Tess: OMG, this is so exciting!

Nolan: This is the nominations ceremony. First of all, there is no one on canned soup this week! Second of all, I have the power to nominate 2 people for mummification. I can nominate any of you guys except for Karissa, Riviera, and James because they have golden keys and because of that, they will be automatically safe for the week. I have decided to nominate Miuccia and Thomas for mummification because out of everyone I feel they are the most liable to my game play.I hope you understand this decision, and there is a Veto competition along your way, so I wish you all good luck in it. This ceremony is adjourned.