Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 12

In this episode, Remy reminded Miuccia about the deal that they made 2 weeks ago.

However, Nagol was spying on the two realizing that they have made a deal.

He quickly told Nolan about the deal that Remy and Miuccia made.

At the Veto competition, Thomas won his first competition this summer. The competition was this:

This competition is called "Giving the Dollars". The Battle Against Mummification loan encourages you to spread the wealth, and share your dollars in the other contestants. But make sure you don't get too many dollars, or else you could lose this week's Veto. Okay, so here is the game: You have 10 dollars. You must give all 10 bulbs to the contestants. You may give them to any contestant, including yourself, but you must give dollar(s) to at least two contestants. You also can not have any dollars left to spare, or give more dollars than you had. The contestant with the most dollars without going over 20 wins the Semi-Veto Ability. If you have over 20 dollars, you will be eliminated from the competition.

Nolan got 10 dollars, Miuccia got 12 dollars, Thomas got 16 dollars, Nancy got 5 dollars, Selena got 9 dollars, and Remy got 8 dollars. Nagol and Tess were not picked to play in this competition.

Then, the Saboteur told the contestants that Selena has been throwing competitions hoping to advance her game.

Worried about her being a replacement nominee thanks to the Saboteur's message, she quickly struck an one week deal if she ever won Head of Mummification.

At the Veto ceremony, Thomas used the Semi-Veto Ability on himself.

Then, Nolan had no choice but to choose a replacement nominee.

He choose Remy as his replacement nominee knowing about the deal he made with Miuccia.

Who will be mummified in the next episode: Miuccia or Remy? Find out in the next episode.

(Sorry that this episode is so short. I kinda want to get this done quick so that I have plenty of time to work on a college paper that is due next week. The next episode will most likely be way longer. At least you know who won the Veto and who was the replacement nominee. Also, please post feedback here because like the other episodes I turned off comments to prevent people from commenting about the episode here. I want people to use the thread as much as possible.)