Friday, November 25, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 12

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Previously on the Battle Against Mummification: Nolan has won Head of Mummification making him the first person to win two competitions this season. He then decides to nominate Miuccia, who is a floater, and Thomas, who is having a showmance with Selena. He hopes that his nominations stay same, but his plans take a turn when Thomas won the Semi-Veto Ability. Thomas uses it on himself forcing Nolan to choose a replacement nominee. He choose Remy after Nolan found out that Remy has a deal with Miuccia. Who will be mummified: Miuccia or Remy? Find out tonight on the Battle Against Mummification.

Remy: Listen, I have been a friend of you two since the beginning. I was wondering if you guys got my vote!

Selena: We got your back! You have been kind to us. Besides, Miuccia and Nancy are SUPER FLOATERS!

Remy: I am getting stir-crazy but I want to stay in this house as a human as long as possible! I need to campaign and send the mega-floater Miuccia.

Remy: Nagol, I just wanted to say that we should call it truths. I apologize for the incident week 1 where I called you Micheal Jackson. So can you please call it truths?

Nagol: Um, sure! Do you need some votes? Because I can convince some people to vote to mummify Miuccia.

Remy: Selena and Thomas said that they have my vote. You just need to convince 2 other people to vote to mummify Miuccia and it's a done deal.

Nagol: I think who those two people are.

Nagol: Remy says he wants to call it truths. I'm like sure! In this game, you want as few enemies as possible. It was bad enough we got into that fight day 1.

*Day 33*

The Saboteur: I have information you might like to know. You all pretty good relationships. However, one relationship is a very strong relationship. That relationship is a secret showmance. If you try to find out who is in the secret showmance, let me say it's quite obvious.

Karissa: WHOA!

Selena: And just when I thought me and Thomas is the only showmance in the house.

James: Guys, maybe the Saboteur is lying.

Nagol: No, I'm pretty sure it's true.

Nancy: I agree on Nagol on that.

Tess: Okay, if any of you guys is in the secret showmance, please stand up!

*Nobody stands up*

Tess: Well, I guess it's a lie!

Remy: Tess, if someone is in the secret showmance, they want to keep it a secret.

Thomas: I'm trying to put the pieces together! It is very hard to find out who is in the secret showmance. It could be Karissa and Nagol, James and Riviera, Tess and Nolan, or a crazy couple. I absolutely do not know who is in the secret showmance.

*Day 34*

Ruby: We are live on Day 34. It is time to talk to the contestants. Hello contestants.

Contestants: Hey Ruby!

Ruby: Well, first of all, Nolan, congrats, you are the first person to win two competitions in this game. I want to know what it's like to win them.

Nolan: Well, I feel very honored to win them. I know for the fact the mummy jury will think about the competitions that the final 2 has won, and so if I go to the final 2, one of the things I can point out is that I am the first person to win 2 competitions.

Ruby: Selena, yesterday, the Saboteur told you guys there is a secret showmance in the house. How surprised are you when you found out you and Thomas aren't the only showmance left?

Selena: It was surprising, but you know what they say: Expect the Unexpected.

Ruby: Karissa, a week ago, Dan sent you a love letter stating his feelings to you. Will you say anything about how you feel about him?

Karissa: I'm sorry, but I am gonna wait until I get out of the house to express how I feel about him. I do not want to express how I feel about a person who sent me a love letter. I will feel too embarrassed.

Ruby: Also, what's it like holding a golden key for 3 out of the 4 weeks you have been here.

Karissa: I kinda feel bored, but at least I am safe.

Ruby: Well, after you tonight, all Golden Key holders will be back in the game. This means Karissa, James, and Riviera will be vulnerable at mummification. This is because after tonight, we will reach the top 10. I will love to talk to you guys all day long, but we have a mummification to get. I have the results.

(Please play this music while you read the results of voting)

Ruby: When I revealed the results of the votes, the contestant with the most votes will have a few moments to say goodbye, and start the mummification process. By a vote of 8-0,

Miuccia, the contestants voted to mummify you.

Miuccia: Seriously? Nobody voted to keep me safe! This sucks. Well, I gotta now, so bye!

Miuccia: Man, why I did sign-up for this?

Ruby: Well, I have a message from the Saboteur. Let's listen!

The Saboteur: Contestants, if you think that Miuccia is the Saboteur, then you are wrong. If you guys, don't get rid of me next week, then I WILL WIN 250,000 dollars that I have been wanting ever since I entered this game. Remember, the Saboteur could be someone you least expect it to be.

Ruby: Well, by this point, all of you will be vulnerable at mummification unless you win a competition. The Golden Key holders are back at the game. This means everyone except for Nolan will play in the H.O.M. competition tomorrow! Good luck! I suggest you get a good night sleep!

*Stay tune for Episode 14*

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