Saturday, November 19, 2011

Contest Entries That I Will Like To Share With You Guys

So, I have been submitting a lot of stuff for contests for the Sims 3. I thought I will showcase them.

This is Charlie the Unicorn. If you never heard of him, then watch this:

It was for the Favorite YouTuber contest. I wanted to do a pet. I try to think of famous pets on youtube. There's the nyan cat, but I didn't know how to make pop tart. I also thought of the keyboard cat, but I didn't know how to exactly make him. Then, I thought of Charlie the Unicorn. I thought it was perfect to do him since we have Unicorns in the game now.

This is Camp La Flor. It is a campsite which I used for a vacation contest. It has an outside kitchen, a playground, and an entertainment area which you can see below.

Now, for our final lot, we have a bar.

This bar is called The Western Spot. It is a country dive bar. This is possibly my favorite contest entry I have done.

Just for the record, these are the expansion packs you need:

Charlie: You need Pets.
Camp La Flor: All Expansion Packs except for Ambitions
The Western Spot: Late Night and Pets.

You can find them all in Uploads for the Fame column. Hope you have fun with them.

PS: No cc!

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