Sunday, November 20, 2011


Some company that I never heard of until yesterday reported a lot of my files. They say that I was doing copyrights. Dude, they were CREATIONS MADE OUT OF THE SIMS 3. Does that company owned the Sims 3? NO! EA does. The company who reported my files is not EA.

I have counter claim all of the files that have been deleted by the company. Hopefully, media fire will believe me and they undelete the files. In the meantime though, I will reupload the files that have been deleted in sendspace.

To The Company Who Reported My Files- WHO THE F*CK AM I COPYRIGHTING YOUR STUFF? Just for the record, I will reupload every single file that you have deleted. If you delete those files again, I'll just reupload them again. There's not a force in this universe that can stop me.

So, I reuploaded some of the files. I will reupload them all of them later this afternoon.

Edit- I think I have everything reuploaded. Hopefully, I won't have to go through an incident like that ever again. If I have to upload stuff through the exchange again with the hopes that nothing get culled.


  1. Why don't you use Mediafire is picky about the content that gets uploaded.

  2. Um, you can't upload sims on photo bucket I believe

  3. Oh you're talking about creations to share with other to download. DOH!!! For some odd reason I was thinking it was pictures....SMH (sorry)