Monday, November 7, 2011

Part 2 of my real-life rant

Well, in case you miss part 1 of my real-life rant, please go here:

Well, remember the student the professor was talking about? Well, that student is copying off of wikipedia.

If you do not believe me, then I got proof.

For this week's discussion assignment, we have to talk about Saint Foy Abbey Church. For the student's post, he typed this as his first sentence:

The Sainte-Foy abbey-church in Conques was a popular stop for pilgrims on their

way to Santiago de Compostela, in what is now Spain.

If you read it, that is the exact same first sentence as wikipedia says it.

Plus, the doors are inscribed with Pantaleone's prayer that the "doors of life" may be opened to him.[2]

[2] is a reference note for wikipedia. He should of remove that [2] before he pressed the post button.

He is doing what people like to called plagerism. I thought college professors were strict on that. Also, I know for a fact that the professor is just gonna give that bitch an A. What the professor is doing is like having a person lip-sync their audition for the school musical, and then have them get the lead role.

Trust me, I have reasons why that professor should get fired. First, it was the e-mail, then it was the fact that the professor is allowing the teacher's pet to cheat. Trust me, on December 11th (The day that class is over), I am reporting the professor to the dean. I am gonna do what is right, and make sure that the class will get a better professor.


  1. Wow, that is a serious offense. If you don't do it, someone needs to bring this to the head of departments attention. Why them and not the teacher? A) for the student plagiarizing, and B) because the teacher clearly isn't doing his/her job and catching the plagiarizing and praising the student for their "work".

    I thought professors were smarter than that. They have software that can detect if the student is plagiarizing their work or not (my writing professor had the software and sure enough...2nd assignment he caught one of the guys in my class plagiarizing). Why is she not using this software? *rolls eyes*

  2. BSG- My english teacher took a whole entire lecture about plagerism. Clearly, my art history professor does not know how to do this job properly. Both the professor and the student just plain sickens me. Luckily, by December 11th, I will be done with that class, and the professor will be reported to the dean.

  3. I would report before the end of the semester. If you wait...they may look at it as "well, why didn't you bring it up when you noticed it?", and may not do anything about it. Plus, by you knowing, and not doing anything about it, you're allowing this student to get good grades by using someone else's work. It's not just unfair to the original author, but it's unfair to you and your classmates. Especially when the professor is praising this individual as much as he/she is. You're all cheating yourselves out of getting a better grade due to your hard work, while this bozo is getting the best grade in class for doing minimal work.

    It's up to you, but if I were one of your classmates and found out you knew about this the entire semester and didn't say anything, I'd be pissed. Have you asked anyone else if they knew, or what you should do?

  4. I told my mom, and she said stay out of it because she doesn't want me to cause trouble. I kinda want to give him the benefit of doubt first just in case he realizes that he is cheating.