Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some stuff that I found in reality nation

There is this site called Reality Nation. They have a bunch of blog posts on there, and I thought share with you some of them.

1. The Regulators Rapping (minus Keith)

They posted a blog of the regulators rapping minus Keith. Here they are:

I will give them rapper names:

Dominic: PTR (Part Time Rapper)
Cassi: "Lil Cassi
Lawon: LaWozzy

I am glad they have a good time. However, they needed Daniele in the video.

2. Speaking of Daniele,

They wrote an article saying this

The are they or aren’t they mystery is solved. Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones from Big Brother 13 are officially dating, according to Dominic’s Twitter.

“It’s official Dani and I are together!” he tweeted. “Just wanted to tell all my fans first.”

He later tweeted “This is for real guys. No Joke. Thanks for all your love and support.”

We, along with a slew of fans, first debated the question here. Now we’ve got our answer. From Dominic at least.

You think this is real. Take a look at this:

Yesterday we reported that Dominic Briones from Big Brother 13 had confirmed on his Twitter account that he and fellow castmate Daniele Donato were a couple.

According to Dominic, his Twitter was hacked and someone else posted that information.

“Fact: Twitter account hacked again,” he Tweeted. “This is ridiculous. I swear to Fergie, I get hacked again and I’m done with all forms of social media.”

If the hackers are Dominic fans, they better watch themselves. They may lose any form of communication with him.

“I will delete this account, my facebook, my friendster, my myspace, my craigslist account, youtube, my ebay account, and any other type of and any other type of communication with the world,” he added. “Grow up and get a life hackers.”

So now the big question is Dominic still has a Friendster and Myspace? Ha.

Seriously? He has a friendster/myspace. No body uses them anymore. And grrr... at that hacker. I want them together (though they may be dating secretly).

3. Big Brother 9 "Soulmates" hate each other

Look at this:

They might have been chosen as “soul mates” on Big Brother 9, but former houseguests Joshuah Welch and Neil Garcia are far from that now.

Apparently, the two had been working together at a restaurant in Texas and have sparked up a feud.

According to Neil’s Facebook page, he took a position at Axiom Sushi Lounge in Texas where Joshuah is the general manager. He claims Joshuah made a move on him and when he refused his advances, he was fired.

“I knew Joshuah was a snake when I was his partner on Big Brother,” Neil writes on his Facebook page. “His maturity level is below high school and he claims that his greatest strength is that he is a sweet talker.”

Neil also calls Joshuah a “disgusting coke whore alcoholic” in a Facebook update status.

Joshuah couldn’t be tracked down for comment.

Well, I totally forgot about them. Big Brother 9 wasn't really that rememberable because there wasn't really any legends. Though Crazy James was a good player, the twist was terrible because Parker and Alex got screwed with it.

But Neil, was that the reason why you quit Big Brother 9 because you didn't like your partner? Well, if you haven't quit, you wouldn't brought back, Sharon, who was the ultimate pawn, and has gotten screwed at the end with the pre-existing relationship question.

There isn't a lot of Big Brother blogs right now for them due to it being over. However, there is a lot of Survivor blogs right now including this:

And this:

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  1. Ha ha! I couldn't get past LaWozy without cracking up!