Friday, December 23, 2011

3 New Creations

I have 3 creations you can play with. Some of you guys want some of my sims into your game. Don't worry, you can get some of my sims into your game through the Uploads for the Fame column including the sims listed below. There is no need to buy The Sims 3: Showtime if you want some of my sims to be in your game. Just download them here!

Anyways, my first creation is a pet.

 His name is Rupert. You need Pets for this sim, and he has no cc!

The 2nd creation is a recreation of my favorite Survivor yet:

CIRIE! She is an effing genius. She should of won Panama, and Fans vs. Favorites. If I were rich, then I would give her a check for 2 million dollars if I were rich. You need Late Night for this sim.

She has some cc, but it is transferrable. However, if you are the type of simmer who prefers no cc, then I made a no-cc version of her. This is probably the only time I will do this.

The final sim is an imaginary friend. His name is Wiggles Life. This is him in his toy form:

And this is him in his sim form:

All of his cc is transferrable. You need Generations for this sim. I uploaded him as a house hold so that he can turn into his toy form.

I have to say I hope you have fun with him. You can find the download links in the Uploads for the Fame column. I hope you have fun with him.

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