Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 14

At the Head of Mummification competition, Selena proved to be a competitor by winning her first Head of Mummification. The competition was called "The Competition About Competitions." Two at a time, two contestants will face off at the podium and answer a question based on the first 8 competitions. The answer will be either H.O.M., or Veto. The contestants' goal in this competition is to be the first person to be the first person to buzz in with the correct answer (or in this case, email me with the correct answer). Answer correctly, that contestant stay in the game, and his or her opponent is eliminated. He or she will then choose the next two contestants to face off. Answer incorrectly, and that contestant will be eliminated and his or her opponent will stay in the game and choose the next two to face off. The last person standing will become the new Head of Mummification. James was eliminated in round #1, Nagol was eliminated in round #2, Thomas was eliminated round #3, Karissa was eliminated in round #4, Riviera was eliminated in round #5, Nancy was eliminated in round #6, Tess was eliminated in round #7, and Remy was eliminated in round #8.

Nolan found out he wasn't in danger even though he nominated Thomas last week because he used the Semi-Veto Ability on him the week before. However, Nagol was in danger because Nagol nominated him in week 3,

So, because of that, Nolan and Nagol has came up with a plan. Nagol has made a lie similar to a lie that was told in Survivor: Pearl Islands. Nagol lied about his grandmother being in a severe coma. Him and Nolan hope that Selena will take the bate, and won't nominate him because of that lie, and their plan worked because Selena took the bate.

Then, Riviera was able to convince Selena to put up _____, the biggest floater in the house.

Selena also told Thomas that she wants ____ up because Selena feels as if (he/she) could be the Saboteur, and Selena doesn't want the Saboteur to get the 250,000 dollars.

Speaking of the Saboteur, the Saboteur struck when everybody was asleep.

The Saboteur placed a beeping device somewhere waking up the whole entire house.

The house searched for the beeping device everywhere.

Eventually, Tess found it under the dining room table. She quickly turn it off, and they all went to bed again.

At the nominations ceremony, Selena nominated Tess because Selena thought Tess is the saboteur. Selena also nominated Nancy because Nancy is a huge floater in this game. Who will win the Semi-Veto Ability, and will it be used on either Tess or Nancy? Find out in the next episode of The Battle Against Mummification.

Sorry that this episode is too short! At least everybody knows who won Head of Mummification, and who got nominated. I feel as if everyone has been waiting too long for an episode. Also, please post all feedback here: