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The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 15

Nagol: Dude, I can't believe that Selena bought it!

Nolan: I know! I mean why would Selena want to get rid of who she thinks is the Saboteur when the Saboteur will leave the game no matter what?

Nagol: I know! This lie is perfect! Who would want to get rid of the guy who's grandma is in a severe coma? Nobody!

Nolan: If we make it pass this week, then we'll make it the halfway point.

Selena: Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you guys something.

Nolan and Nagol: What?

Selena: If you ever nominate my Zoohoo again, then you will not win.

Nolan: But what will happen if we end up being the final 2?

Selena: Trust me, it ain't gonna happen. Just don't nominate Zoohoo again. Got it?

Nagol and Nolan: Okay!

Nolan: Ugh, ever since that ***** named Selena has won Head of Mummification, she has been bullying other contestants along with Thomas. The only person they have been kind to is Remy because he is already good friends with them. Now, Selena just told us if me or Nagol nominate Thomas again, then me nor Nagol will not win. Seriously? It's a game people! I have to get rid of other people including Thomas to get to the final 2.

*Day 38*

Ruby: Okay, the Veto competition is today. Selena, as current Head of Mummification, you will be able to play in it. Tess and Nancy, since you guys are nominated this week, you will play in it as well. There will be 3 other players selected by random draw that are playing in it, and those people are Riviera, Remy, and Karissa. I need all the houseguests to go out to the backyard.

Ruby: This competition is called "The Battle Against Mummification Darts". You will face 6 rounds of playing darts. Your goal is to not be in last place in every round. If you are the last place, then you will be eliminated from the competition. However, nobody is going home without a prize. Once a contestant been eliminated, they shall get a prize. One prize includes the Semi-Veto Ability. However, don't get too attached to it, because the owner of the prize may keep it or trade it with a prize of an eliminated contestant. The winner of the final round can choose from all the prizes. Let's get things started.

Remy: In the 1st round of this Veto competition,

Remy (in the diary room): Tess became the first person eliminated from the competition. Her prize was the Semi-Veto Ability.

Remy (in the diary room): Then, Selena got eliminated. Her prize was the restaurant outing with 2 contestants of her choice.

Remy (in the diary room): Selena then traded her prize with the Semi-Veto Ability.

Remy (in the diary room): Then, Nancy was eliminated. Her prize was an Egyptian vacation. She somehow decided to keep it even though she is on the block and she needed that Veto. I think that is a very dumb move in my opinion.

Remy (in the diary room): Then, I was eliminated. I have to make an important decision. My prize was a 2nd chance. I must trade with one of the eliminated contestants. I had to choose carefully because the owner of the the prize I take will have a 2nd chance at this competition.

Remy (in the diary room): I have decided to take the Semi-Veto Ability meaning that Selena is back at the game. I didn't really want the prizes that were already taken but I know for a fact that somebody is gonna take the Semi-Veto Ability from me. I also know that Nancy and Tess are already nominated, so why should I give them a 2nd chance when they could just win the Veto, and take themselves off?

Remy (in the diary room): Riviera was eliminated next. Her prize is a Veto Ticket. She is guarantee a spot in the next Semi-Veto Ability competition. She has decided to keep it.

Remy (in the diary room): Then, Selena was eliminated in the final round. Her prize was 10,000 dollars. She has decided to keep it. I am kinda disappointed because I wanted 10,000 dollars as well.

Remy: That means that Karissa has won the final round. Her prize was that she must wear Hello Kitty overalls for a week.\

Remy (in the diary room): I was really hoping that she wouldn't trade with my prize, but guess what? She did. That means that Karissa holds the Semi-Veto Ability, and I have wear what sounds like an embarrassing costume. Also, at the end of the competition, Tess choose Nolan and Karissa to go on the restaurant outing.

The Saboteur: Greetings contestants. I know that 8 of you will be comfortable after the Veto ceremony. I wouldn't be quite as comfortable if I were you because more than 1 contestant may be mummified on day 41. Expect the Unexpected!

Karissa: Whoa!

James: That kinda makes me nervous.

Nolan: I got a feeling this is coming. Let's hope I'm not in the sarcophagus on day 41.

Nagol: Double mummifications are scary in my opinion. Remember the double eviction in Big Brother 13? I was in shocked after the episode.

Selena: Let's hope for the best, and hope that there isn't a double mummification on day 41.

James: Hey Riviera, I was wondering if you can do me something.

Riviera: What?

James: I was wondering if you can shave my head.

Riviera: Whoa!

James: I am sick of my grey hair. I wish I haven't make the choice to dye my hair in the first Veto competition.

Riviera: Well, I'll shave your head if you give me a makeover after the shaving.

James: Okay! I will!

James: I think I look fine!

Riviera: Nice makeover!

Remy: Well, in the Veto competition, there 6 prizes. One prize is 10,000 dollars, and I didn't get that.

Remy: Instead I got this costume.

Selena: OMG! That is so cute!

Remy: I hate this costume so much!

Thomas: Hey, at least, you can sell it on eBay to get some money.

Remy: True, but this week is gonna be hell for me. I wanted the 10,000 dollars, but no, I got this instead.

Selena: Yeah, sorry about that. I was gonna trade 10,000 dollars with the Semi-Veto Ability, but I know that Karissa feels like a target, and probably wants the Veto.

Remy: But what about the first time you were eliminated? Having the Veto that early in the competition means that you know someone is gonna take it from you.

Selena: Well, I do not want go to a restaurant. I just do not like eating out.

Remy: Oh!

Tess: Yes, we finally get to go on a trip outside of the house.

Nolan: Yeah, I kinda feel bad for Nagol! Your decision probably make him feel like the 4th person in a 4-person alliance.

Tess: I know! Well, we better eat soon! I'm getting hungry!

Tess: Nolan, are you eatting Pet Food?

Nolan: Yep, I actually like Pet Food! Every Monday, I eat Pet Food for dinner. It's delicious.

Karissa: Ewwww........

Tess: Listen, Karissa, I was wondering will you use the Veto on me?

Karissa: I don't know! I kinda think using the Veto may get blood on my hand.

Nolan: You know what, Karissa! Use the Veto for a slap in Selena's and Thomas's face. They have been bullying other contestants ever since Selena won that Head of Mummifcation. Last night, she told me if I ever nominate her zoohoo again, then I will not win.

Tess: I know what you mean! Today, she told if you don't throw the Veto, then she will kipnapped my cat, and leave her in a place where I can never find her."

Karissa: You guys are right. 2 nights ago, she told me that to wear some sunglasss, because I have the worst eyes she has ever seen. I feel as if I will use the Veto to show this ***** that she can't control everything, and it will be a slap in the face for her.

Tess: Good! Anyways, I am wondering what the house is doing.


Selena: Hey, I am kinda nervious.

Thomas: What?

Selena: Tess could be convincing Karissa to use the Veto on her.

Thomas: Then, how about we convince Karissa not to use the Veto on Tess.

Selena: That's what I plan on doing.


Selena: I do not want Karissa to use the Veto on Tess, so I am gonna try to convince her to not use the Veto.

 (after the dinner)

Selena: Listen, Karissa, if you used the Veto on Tess, then I will tell you, you will not win. I can guarentee that. So, swear on my mother that you are not gonna use it.

Karissa: I swear on my mother that I am not gonna use it.

Selena: Alright!

Karissa: When I meant that I swore on my mother that I won't use the Veto, I really meant I swore on my mother that I am gonna screw these two guys over.

Nolan: Listen, I wanted to tell the plan. You gotta promise not to tell Selena, Thomas, Remy, Nancy, Riviera, or James about it. Promise?

Nagol: I promise. 

Nolan: Karissa is gonna use the Veto on Tess to prove Selena she can't control everything this week. It will be basically a slap in the face for her bullying. 

Nagol: But two of us have a third of a chance of being the replacement nominee. Plus, we know that Selena won't nominate Thomas and Remy, so we have a half a chance. 

Nolan: Well, we gotta take that risk and hope that we don't get nominated.

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*Day 39*

Karissa: This is the Semi-Veto Ability meeting. I have the power to take off one of the two nominees. I need both nominees to give me why I should take you off the block. Tess, I wanna start with you.

Tess: Well, we have been friends since day 1, and friends are suppose to help each other. So. can you please help me, and use the Veto on me?

Karissa: Thank you Tess! Nancy, you are up!

Nancy: Karissa, I'll give you a cookie if you use the Veto on me.

Karissa: Okay, I will like to tell you guys a story. There was a girl in The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur. I shall not say her name, but I will like to call her Denise. When Denise made it to the final 10, she won Head of Mummification. Then, Denise and her significant other started bullying over contestants. They told people if they make strategic moves that they do not like, then they would not win. I am ******* sick of their mother ******* bullying. It isn't right people to bully someone just because you are in control. I want these ******* gone! They think they are in ******* control, but they aren't in complete control. In fact, they can't control this! I have decided to use the Semi-Veto Ability on Tess. Ha, do you like me now Denise? Tess, please take a seat in the couch.

Karissa: Selena, since I just veto one of your nominations, you must choose a replacement nominee, and you can't choose me, *****.

Selena: First of all, I have to say **** you Karissa. Second of all, I have decided for Riveria to be my replacement nominee because she seems like a big threat to the game.

Selena Sorry girl!

Karissa: This ceremony is adjourned.

*Stay tune for Episode 16 where either Nancy or Riviera will get mummify, and the Saboteur will be revealed*

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