Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 16

Previously on the Battle Against Mummification: Selena has won Head of Mummification. She has decided to nominate Tess because Selena thinks Tess may be the Saboteur. Selena also decides to nominate Nancy because she is a mega-floater. Then, Karissa has won the Semi-Veto Ability. After a harsh speech by Karissa, she has decided to use the Semi-Veto Ability on her ally Tess. Selena chooses Riviera as her replacement nominee.Tonight, somebody gets an unexpected removal from the game. Who is it? Plus, who will get mummified: Nancy or Riviera? Plus, the Saboteur's identity will be revealed to everyone. Who is it? Find out in this exciting episode of the Battle Against Mummification.
Thomas: Hey Selena! I got a feeling that Karissa is right! I think we have to apologize

Selena: Yeah, we have to apologize to the rest of the house if we want to stay for another week. If we don't, then one of us might get mummified next week unless you win Head of Mummification.
Selena: Listen, we want to apologize for us bullying you guys. After Karissa gave that speech, we realized that we are wrong for bullying you guys. We shall never ever bully people ever again.
Tess: Thank you for apologizing to us We accept your apology.

Riviera: Yeah, I am glad you apologize to us.

Karissa: Yeah, thank you for apologizing to us. Also, I will like to apologize for my harsh speech in the Veto ceremony.

Thomas: Apology accepted!
Karissa: I am glad that Selena and Thomas apologize for their mistakes. Now, I hope that they will no longer bully people ever again

Nolan: Yo, I realized that we controlled the votes. Who should we get rid of?

Nagol: Let's get rid of Riviera. She is a big threat in the house, and she nominated 2 of us in the first week.

Karissa: What about Nancy? Who the heck do you think she'll nominate if she wins Head of Mummification?

Tess: I don't think that she will win Head of Mummification.

Karissa: You never know! Her strategy could be to throw the first competitions, making people not want to get rid of her. Plus, people like her could be underestimated.Nolan: What do you mean by underestimated?Karissa: Let me give you an example. In the final five of Survivor: Gabon, the decision of who to vote out came between Kenny and Susie. They underestimated Susie, and they voted out Kenny. Then, Susie went on to win the final immunity challenge making everyone regretting to vote out Kenny instead of Susie. Also, in Big Brother 6, when Beau and Ivette were nominated together, they have decided to get rid of Beau because Ivette was the only person in the final 6 to not win a competition in the point of the game. Then, Ivette came to the next HOH competition, the final POV competition, and the final HOH competition. Do you get my point?

Nagol: You are right! Nancy could be underestimated. However, we know for a fact that Riviera is coming after some of us. We have to think carefully.

Nagol: My initial thought was to get rid of Riviera because she won a competition before, and she has nominated two members of my alliance, but now that I think about it, I may get rid of Nancy for two reasons. The first reason is because I do not know who she will nominate if she were to win Head of Mummification. The second reason is because she could an underestimated competitor. Basically the decision of the vote will basically either get rid of the devil I do know, or get rid of the devil I don't know.

*Day 40*

Remy: Oh my!

Riviera: I can't believe this!

James: Oh no!

James: I ******* hate you Saboteur. You will pay for this. Be prepared for your death! I have some business to take care of in the American room.
Tess: Listen, I gotta feeling that James is gonna do something bad to the Saboteur. I think we have to go to the American room to check if James has done something bad.
Nagol: Hey, it's the Saboteur. Are you saying that you are the Saboteur?
Tess: I'm not the Saboteur, and you know that. The Saboteur is a person, and I do not want anything bad to happen to him or her.
Nagol: Okay, let's check the American room together. First, let's see check the beds, and then we check the dresser.

Nagol: There isn't anything here! Let me check the dresser!

Nagol: Oh my god! There's a gun in this dresser!

James: What the heck are you doing in that dresser?

Nagol: Dude, there's a freaking gun in this dresser.

James: Yeah, I am planning on shooting the Saboteur.

Nagol: Are you freaking serious? You know it's illegal to do that.

James: So what? After all the things the Saboteur has done, he or she deserves it.

Nagol: No body deserves to be killed. The Saboteur is a person with feelings.

Production: James, please go to the diary room.

*James walks to the diary room*

Riviera: Listen, what do you think is gonna happened to James?

Remy: He's gonna get expelled.

Riviera: You think he is.

Remy: Yeah, him bringing the gun is very much against the rules. He could of shoot all of us making him the winner.

Riviera: I really need James. He is my only ally at this point, and he might able to convince the votes for me to stay.

Riviera: Do you think will get expelled?

Thomas: He has been in the diary room for a very long time.

Selena: And plus, he was about to shoot the Saboteur.

Riviera: I hope he isn't expelled.

Production: Selena, please go to the diary room.

Riviera: Uh oh!

Tess: When they called Selena into the diary room, I'm like "Holy ****! James must of been expelled."

Selena: I need everybody to go to the living room. I have something from the Battle Against Mummification to read

Selena: As many of you guys know, James has violated the rules of the Battle Against Mummification by bringing a gun to this house. Therefore, he was called to the diary room, and he was spoken to a psychologist. After his conversation with the psychologist, he was then expelled from the game due to this serious rule violation. This is for the contestants' safety in the house. Because of this, the Saboteur has reached the top 9. However, due to the fact the Saboteur isn't a post-Veto nominee, his or her identity will be revealed after the vote.

*James was removed from the game due to inactivity*

Nancy: It is very sad to see James go. James getting expelled is like James getting arrested. You get arrested when you broke the law. In this case, James broke the law by bringing a gun to this house, and now he has to get punished by being expelled.

Riviera: *cries* Why does this have to happen?

Riviera: It is gonna be very tough with being gone. I need the votes with me, and without James, the votes will be even tougher to get.

*Day 41*

Ruby: Good evening contestants! We are live on day 41. Yesterday, you have seen an unexpected expulsion from the game.

Ruby: Riviera, you kinda had a close relationship with James. How do you feel about James getting expelled?

Riviera: First of all, I think he kinda deserved to be expelled, but he is my best friend in the house since I broke up with Dan, and I am just sad that he is out of the game.

Ruby: Well, onto a positive note, Remy, you got to wear the "Hello Kitty" overalls. How do you feel about wearing for four days now?

Remy: Well, one positive note about wearing "Hello Kitty" overalls is that I get to sell them on eBay. I hope that someone pays a lot of money for them. That way I can be filthy rich.

Ruby: Tess, you have two very good things this week. The first one is that you get to go on the restaurant outing, The 2nd thing is that you gotten taken off the block. Which of these two things did you like better?

Tess: Definitely being taken off the block. I do not want to be in the jury, I want to be in the final 2.

Ruby: Well, I have the results. Before I announce them though, I want to say that the mummy jury will work different this season along with the future seasons. As you guys are supposed to know, the last 7 contestants who were mummified form the mummy jury, a group of people who vote to determine the winner of the game. This season, once the mummy jury starts to form, the members of the mummy jury are present at every nominations ceremony, Veto ceremony, and mummification night. However, they are not allowed to speak or interact with the players still in the game. They are only there to observe. They will also live inside a house called the Mummy Jury house.

(Please play this music as you continue reading.)

Ruby: When I read the vote, the person with the most votes will only have a few moments to say goodbye, and get mummified. By a vote of 4-2,

Ruby: Nancy, you are safe!

Ruby: Meaning Riviera, you are our first mummy juror.

Riviera: Well, this sucks! Anyways, I'll be back in 3 days as a mummy. See you guys then!

Ruby: Well, as many of you guys know, there is a Saboteur in this house. The Saboteur has finally reached his or her goal. He or she must leave soon, and become the 2nd member of the mummy jury. However, before the Saboteur leaves, I will like him or her to stand up, and reveal his or her identity to everyone right now.

*wait for it*

*keep on waiting*

Tess: Whoa! I did not expect that!

Nancy: I can't believe it! I thought that someone else was the Saboteur.

Selena: Shocker!

Ruby: That's right! Karissa is the Saboteur. Now, I will like Karissa to say a goodbye speech to everyone.

(these upcoming words is what leggokatz/Tina, Karissa's creator, wrote)

Karissa: Ok as you all know now, I am the saboteur... and I enjoyed it!! Muwahahahahaha!!! I have never done anything like this before and it really brought me out of my shell. I hope you all forgive me and I want my alliance to know that I stayed loyal to them the whole time. I was so shocked when I was picked and to be honest I didn't think I could do it, after my first sabotage I truly felt guilty but after a few more I was having so much fun watching you all squirm that I forgot all about my guilt! Some of you deserved it in my opinion but some of you didn't and for that I apologize. If you asked me if I would do it again I would say yes, I learned a lot about myself and it is totally worth it! One more thing to my alliance, win people, WIN!!

Ruby: Well, that is a nice speech. I need you to exit out the front door, and head out to the car in front of this house. That car will take you to the mummy jury house.

Karissa: See you suckers!

Ruby: Well, this week, your 1 in 10 shot at winning this game has turned into 1 in 7 shot, and you only have to vote off one person. Even though the Saboteur is gone, the twists are far from over. I suggest you all to get a good night sleep. Tomorrow's H.O.M. competition will be an endurance competition. I wish you all the best of luck in it. Good night!

*Stay tune for Episode 17*