Thursday, December 15, 2011

Confessions of a Simaholic #1

I have saw this in Tina's blog, and I thought I do the same thing as well.Here's how it works: For the next few days I will post a Simmer confession and a real life confession, until I reach a total of ten confession posts. This will be the first one.

Simming Confession #1- I haven't had a part time imaginary friend that was turned real until today. I have one right now in my legacy (it used to be a GaGacy, but now, it's a BBacy). His name is Wiggles U. Life. He will be uploaded when he grows up to be an adult.

Real Life Confession #1: I never heard of Big Brother before until I join my first interactive show The Sims 3 Reality Show (the show I always do terrible on) where we have quizzes about Big Brother. It was Big Brother 11, and after I watch it, it got addicting, and then I started to watch seasons 5-10.


  1. I've been meaning to do this, as well, ever since I saw Tina do it. Nice confessions! :D

  2. Cool! I thought you had been watching BB for awhile, I'm a bit surprised...

  3. ^ Me too!

    And, I love Big Brother too! But I never got to getting any farther than the first couple of weeks on the other seasons, onto forward I guess!

    I will be scheduling this into Forum News's post. I may change it up a little bit though, to make it interactive with the viewers.