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My Mummy Town Essay + Marry the Night

As promise, I will show you guys my mummy town essay. Here it is:

I have been a person playing Sims since the Thanksgiving of 2007. I got the Sims 2: Deluxe Edition, which in my opinion kind of sucks because I can’t get four expansion packs, and the computer I was playing it on was basically a piece of junk. So, basically, I couldn’t run the Sims 2 Deluxe Edition without running into a glitch. I stopped playing for a while because I got sick of the glitches. However, I watched videos that were made thanks to the Sims 2.

Then, I saw this person making two Sims into zombies! He was explaining that he was creating a zombie town in the Sims 2. He or she had turned all the humans in the town zombies in the game. In the summer of 2011, I bought the Sims 3. I wanted to create something similar to the zombie town that I admired with the Sims 3.

During the summer of 2009, I can create a spectral, scary, supernatural spirit town with a wide variety and complexity of spectral, scary, supernatural spirits. However, it takes a very long time to make spectral, scary, supernatural spirits in the game. Also, I wasn’t a fan of spectral, scary, supernatural spirits in the game. In fact, spectral, scary, supernatural spirits are my least favorite supernatural creatures within all the Sims games I have ever played. Why? Catherine Browne wrote this in The Sims 3: Officially Licensed Game Guide that “the ghost appears as a selectable sim with all of the regular interactions and socials, just as when they were alive. Playable ghosts can develop skills, cook food, and attempt to live a regular life in Sunset Valley.” (p. 178) Spectral, scary, supernatural spirits are basically normal Sims- that just look like ghosts, float, and they walk through walls (which requires a special patch in order to do that). Aren’t spectral, scary, supernatural spirits supposed to turn invisible? They aren’t even flying in my opinion. They just seem to float in the air. It seems like they are pretty useless unless you really want a Sims character back from the dead. So, because of that, I did not create an imaginary yet real life ghost town with a wide variety and complexity of ghosts.

Then, the first expansion pack for The Sims 3 was announced, which was The Sims 3: World Adventures. The game is about going to vacations spots. One of the vacation spots was Egypt, and considering that one of biggest things about Egypt are mummies, it has mummified human beings in the game! I thought that creating mummified human beings would be easier than creating ghosts in the game. So, I have decided to create an imaginary, yet real life mummy town with a wide variety and complexity of mummified human beings.

Before I start talking about my imaginary yet real life mummy town with a wide variety and complexity of mummified human beings. I want to explain about the Sims series in case any readers aren’t clear on it. Catherine Browne wrote this in The Sims 3: Officially Licensed Game Guide said

The Sims franchise has inspired millions people around the world to try out a second world or third (or fourth) life on the other side of the computer screen. These alternate realities give players the chance to explore different personalities: whether it’s an abundance of caution or an id gone wild. Thanks to the game’s easy-to-use set of tools and a welcoming interface, fulfilling the dreams of Sims has become an engaging pastime. (p. 5)

Basically, The Sims series is a life simulation game where you can play any way you want to play from having your sim live a perfect lifestyle to killing Sims one by one.

So, my goal with The Sims 3: World Adventures is to create an imaginary, yet real life mummy town with a wide variety and complexity of mummified human beings. However, it took a total of three extremely frustrating very long days to create a mummified human being in the game. Based on what I heard on The Sims 3: World Adventures, people say that I have to have a sim sleep in a sarcophagus to become a mummified human being. So, I took my sim to a pyramid in Egypt, and have that that sim sleep in a sarcophagus. However, when that sim got out, that sim wasn’t a mummified human being. It was so frustrating to want it to turn out and then have the disappointment. Then, a friend told me you have to have a certain sarcophagus to sleep in, and you must find fragments to the sarcophagus. I looked everywhere, and I couldn’t find the fragments to the sarcophagus. However, with a little help from cheat codes, I was able to buy the sarcophagus. I had my sim sleep in there, and when that sim got out, she wasn’t a mummified human being. Frustration hit me again. Finally, I found out you have sleep in there for several nights in order to be mummified. So, I did that, and my sim came out as a mummified human being! However, my game soon crashed on me, and I wasn’t able to play for a while. Luckily I uninstalled it, then reinstalled it, and fortunately I was able to play my game in order to mummify my sim.

The first mummified human being that I have mummified was a girl whose name I will keep anonymous. Before she was mummified, she had black hair with red highlights. She had a bright lipstick, bright red eyeliner, and a bright red blush. She had a black shirt with red suspenders. She had a black shirt with red stripes in it. She has black shoes with black and red striped socks. Now, she looks like an in-game mummified human being due to the fact that she is such a dark character. She works as criminal in my game in which she is quite good at being devious.

I sometimes mummified sims that I have created just for the fun out of it. One of my mummified human beings that I have created on my own was an inventor. Before he was mummified, he had blonde hair, a beard, an inventor rob, some nerdy blue glasses, and black shoes. Another mummified human being that I created was a “beach bum”. Before he was mummified, he has blonde hair, brown eyes, no shirt, no shoes, and grey pants.

I have mummified other people’s Sims for different reasons. I mummified online

trolls that I absolutely hate. When I was a junior in Lake Region High School, I mummified a girl who acted very rude to me. I also mummify pre-made Sims (aka Sims that were made by the company who creates Sims that are in everyone’s games) that I hate. On Facebook, me and a female Facebook friend of mine had a “Voldemort war” where we ‘tagged’ each other as Voldemort. I soon mummified her because of the Voldemort war. I even had a friend who asked to be mummified. That person who asked to mummify said that they want to know “what it’s like to be a mummy.”

I have written a story about my imaginary, yet real life mummy town with a wide variety and complexity of mummified human beings. It features pre-made Sims, Sims from other people (who I have permission to use), and Sims that I have created. I really enjoyed doing that story about my imaginary, yet real life mummy town with a wide variety and complexity of mummified human beings. I did have a sequel story to it but I had to cancel it due to the fact I had to take break from writing. This does not mean I have stopped mummifying Sims. In fact, I have a reality show that I write, thanks to the Sims 3, based on Big Brother where the eliminated contestants get mummified instead of getting “evicted”. The only person who is not mummified is the winner. There is a veto competition and a competition that is similar to the H.O.H. competition. I am one season 3 of that show, and I am planning on having 15 seasons of mummifications, twists, drama, alliances, and showmances on that show.

By the summer of 2010, I had fully created imaginary, yet real life mummy town with a wide variety and complexity of mummified human beings. There were zero playable humans in the town. Every single playable person in the town was a mummified human being. There are non-playable humans in the town but I am planning not making them playable.

Also, just for the record, mummified human being in The Sims 3 and real life are extremely different. In The Sims 3, you must sleep in the Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings for 24 hours while you were living to become a mummy. Catherine Browne who wrote The Sims 3: World Adventures, Expansion Pack : Prima Official Game Guide said,

“They do not need to sleep. (After all, they’ve spent enough time sleeping). They do not need to use the bathroom. But they can develop skills, socialize, go to work…pretty much anything else a regular sim can do. They even have a longer lifespan than normal sims.

One last word of warning about mummies: keep them away from fire. If a mummy catches on fire, it burns.” (p. 117)

In my opinion, the mummies in the game looks like the cartoon mummies. As for real life mummies, Laurie Schneider Adams, who wrote A History of Western Art, said

“The seventy-two day process of embalming corpses began with the removal of internal organs, which was believed to be the seat of understanding ding and was therefore left intact. The body was then packed in dry nation (a natural compound of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate found in Egypt), which dehydrated the cadaver and dissolved its body fats. Then the corpse was washed, treated with oils and ointments, and bandaged with up to twenty layers of linen.”

(p. 56)

Mummification in The Sims 3 takes a shorter time than in real life. Also, the Egyptians mummified human beings when they are dead removing their organs. In The Sims 3, they get mummified alive making them able to live, move, and breath. In my opinion, Electronic Arts (who created the Sims 3) made mummies so different than the mummies

It has been about 2 years since I officially created an imaginary, yet real life mummy town with a wide variety and complexity of mummified human beings in my game. I still mummify Sims to this date. I will have more mummified Sims in the near future. Be warned though because the next mummy might be you.

Also, the Marry the Night video is out. It was very long, and I didn't get it at first. Then, I googled it, and I realized it was when Lady GaGa was dropped out of her record Island Def Jam. I have to say that Island Def Jam probably look like a foul now for dropping her out.

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