Monday, December 5, 2011

Survivor Talk + A New Sim + A New Sims Dog + Future Sims Games

So, I have a lot to talk about. First, of all, I have watched Survivor: China and Survivor: Pearl Islands, and I got to say Rupert and Courtney are awesome. Rupert seems like a cool dude to hang out with. He is strong, he plays the provider role, and he seems to have a good heart. He is also the first dude I know to wear a dress to feel comfortable. I want him to be the Indiana Governor. Courtney is a b*tch, but she is pretty funny, and she reminds me of Britney Haynes (who is one of the few people that I like in Big Brother 12).

So, I have created a Courtney sim. I would of created a Rupert sim, but there isn't really a beard for him.

I used this photo for inspiration:

I made her as skinny as possible since she is probably the skinniest Survivor I have ever seen. All her cc is transferrable.

As for the expansion packs, I know for a fact that you need Late Night. I am not sure if you need other expansion packs as well but let me know if you do.

Also, speaking of new uploads, let's take a look at this dog right here.

His name is Colby. He is Tina's loved one. They made a puppy together named Rupert. Of course, you need Pets, and he has no cc.

Colby, Courtney, and Tina will be in the right hand corner.

I am NOT buying this. I hate the social features, sending your sims out to a friend's game sounds scary, and the rest of the features should of been in Late Night. It also sounds like a waste of 40 dollars. IF YOU WANT A SIM OF MINE IN YOUR GAME, YOU WILL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD FROM HERE!

Also, speaking of a future sims game,

This got me excited. The graphics seems really realistic in my opinion. Some people thinks it's fake, but it will seem weird in my opinion for EA to take down a fake trailer.

Also, what is it with all these trailers leaking? First, it's showtime, then it's the Sims 4. Who knows? Maybe a leaked trailer for a Double Deluxe edition of the Sims 3 will be leaked as well. I feel as if someone from EA is trying to give us early Christmas presents.

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