Monday, December 12, 2011

Survivor Talk

So, I just watch 3 seasons of Survivor: The Australian Outback, Panama, and Fans vs. Favorites.

I will like to start with the Australian Outback. The living conditions were tough, but I kinda wish they showed more strategic game play. I know they have a lot of stuff stuff to put in a hour, but they need show more strategic game play in my opinion. I was rooting for Elisabeth that season (who should of been in the final 2 with Rodger). Also, how Micheal gotten burned was scary as hell. After I watched that episode, I cried. That season will be a whole lot different if he haven't gotten burned. Also, I hate Jerri with a passion. She was honestly a BITCH! I hated her ever since the Beef Jerky lie! She is my least favorite contestant of Survivor. I seriously wanted to point a gun at her, and shoot her.

When I watched Panama, I have found my favorite Survivor castaway, Cirie. She is a very smart player. She is a very smart player, and she is very adorable. She should of won Panama and Fans vs. Favorites. If I were rich, I will give her a check for 2 million dollars. I also found the craziest Survivor EVER, Shane. I feel as if he was born with the insane trait. With him calling his rock a blackberry, and having arguments with his early alliance with Aras, Danielle, and Courtney. I also hated Terry but not as much as I hate Jerri.

And then I watched Fans vs. Favorites, the best damn season ever. First of all, why was Jonny Fairplay a favorite? I hated him. I remember booing at him in the reunion of Pearl Islands. Don't believe when he says "my grandmother is dead". Also, I have not watch Penner's orginial season yet, but it seems like a kind of guy who gets very mad when things haven't go his way like when Yao was voted off.

Anyways, back to the point, that season has so many blindslides, and people getting out of the game other than being voted off. In fact, half the contestants quit, were removed from the game, or were blindslided. Once again, Cirie should of won with Parvati being in 2nd place. That move that Cirie came up with to make Erik give the immunity necklace to Natalie was epic. She would of won in my opinion if it weren't go the final 2 twist. Also, let me just say, Parvati is the hottest girl in Survivor in my opinion. She has a very nice body, and a very nice tan.

Now, I will watch more Survivor.

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