Sunday, January 22, 2012

39-Day Survivor Challenge: Day 10, 11, and 12

Day 10:

Most Disappointing Early Exit.

Well, I'm not including contestants who returned to the game for a 2nd/3rd time. I only saw 2 seasons which have a returning player get voted out early: Redemption Island, and Fans vs. Favorites. As for Redemption Island, I kinda do not have an opinion on Russell. I haven't seen his gameplay. Well, I kinda had, but it for only like 3 episodes (I'm not including his final episode because he was on Redemption Island). As for Fans vs. Favorites, there has been 4 returning players who have an early exit. One of them I already said (Yau Man), two of them I hated (Fairplay, and Penner. Yes, Penner has a lot of fans, but I hate Penner. He literally betrayed everyone on Cook Islands), and I have not seen Ami's original season yet. Also, I have not saw the two All-Stars editions for Survivor. So, I am left with a newbie. For this, I have to say:

Kelly B. from Survivor: Nicaragua

When I was watching, Survivor: Nicaragua (my first season that I actually watched), I was kinda a sucker for underdogs. Kelly B. was an underdog. She had that prosthetic leg, and she was in the minority of her tribe. I was hoping that she would make it the merge. I know it may be hard, but a lot of people who I thought wouldn't make it to the merge did make it the merge (like Phillip in Redemption Island, Cochran in South Pacific, and Sierra in Tocantins).

Also, another thing, despite her prosthetic leg, she was very good at challenges.

She is also one of the 2 Survivors in Nicaragua that I like
*Day 11*

A Survivor That Should Have Won, but Didn't:

Well, there is many Survivors that should of won, so I am gonna pick one of them:

I feel as if Sugar should have won

She played the fiercest game in Survivor: Gabon. She was the mastermind behind the eliminations of most of the jurors. The reason why I said most of the jurors is because Marcus was not on Sugar's tribe when he got eliminated. I am not saying Bob didn't deserved his win. He did deserved his win. I think that every vote that was cast for Susie to win should of been for Sugar. Seriously, what the f*** did Susie do? All that she did was switch sides, and that's it. Now, Sugar was able to get rid of most of the jurors. Charlie, Randy, and the b**** named Corrine weren't in her alliance. Then, she changed her opinions about Crystal and Ken, so she voted them out. Then, at the 2nd to last tribal council, she forced a tie making a fire-making challenge happened, which Matty lost in. Plus, Sugar has gotten no votes to eliminate someone. Nobody was like "Oh, let's get of Sugar." I was certainly surprised when Sugar got no jury votes. In my opinion, Bob and Sugar are both deserving for the winner of Survivor: Gabon, while Susie isn't.

Day 12

Survivor Whose Brain You’d Love to Pick

This is probably overdone, but:


This guy is pure insane. He just as insane as Shane (though Shane was insane only because he quit smoking the day he started Survivor). I kinda want to see where Phillip's head at. I also kinda want to see him returned for another season of Survivor.

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