Sunday, January 29, 2012

39-Day Survivor Challenge: Day 19, 20, and 21

Day 19:

Most Underrated Season:

Survivor Gabon is the most underrated season yet

It had the best location yet. Also, the 2 most deserving players (Bob and Sugar) made it to the final 3. It also had the best tribal council ever (which I won't say because that tribal council will be use in another day). All in all, this is a very underrated season.

Day 20:

Best Survivor Location

Once again, I say Gabon! It is fill with a wide variety of animals, and it very beautiful. When the Fang tribe got to see that elephant, that is probably a moment that they will probably remember for the rest of their life.

And yes there is a difference between Survivor: Gabon, and Gabon. Survivor: Gabon talks about the season. Gabon talks about the location of that season.

Day 21:

Best Twist:


Exile Island makes the game more interesting. There is a ton of reasons to send someone to Exile:

1. To isolate someone to make someone miss out on the strategic talk in the game therefore making them an easy target
2. To make them get a clue to the hidden immunity idol
3. To weaken a tribe or someone
4. To make someone (like the weakest link, or an alliance outsider) save from the vote in the event that they played a reward/immunity challenge

I mean, it makes the game more complex. I am kinda sad that it hasn't been used since Tocantins. They say that Redemption Island is a similar twist, but it is kinda boring that when Ozzy, Andrea, and Matt returned from Redemption Island, the castaways vote them out again when they have a chance to vote them out again. It is kinda odd though considering when they have the Outcasts twist in Pearl Islands, Burton and Lil (who were two people I hated) lasted for quite a while as Lil was the runner-up, and Burton was in 5th place.

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