Friday, January 13, 2012

39-Day Survivor Challenge- Days 1, 2, and 3

Okay, I have decided to do a 39-day challenge for Survivor. I kinda am thinking right now that Survivor is better than Big Brother because Big Brother is starting to be really rigged in my opinion while I can't really see anything rigged for Survivor except for the fan favorites (I hated Jane from Survivor: Nicaragua, and I was kinda surprised that she won Fan Favorite. They didn't even say who won 2nd place or 3rd place.)

Anyways, enough with Big Brother. I am here to talk about Survivor. Anyways, this challenge is supposed to be in 39 days. However, I am doing it in 13 days with me doing 3 "daily challenges" for each day because I want to get this done before Survivor: One World. I know this isn't what you are suppose to do, but it's my challenge anyways.

Okay, Day 1:

Favorite Survivor:

Cirie is my favorite Survivor. She is a brilliant strategist, and she should of won Panama/Fans vs. Favorites. I seriously want her back for a fourth season so that we can finally win a season of Survivor. I wish that she came back for Survivor: South Pacific instead of Coach or Ozzy.

Day 2:

Funniest Survivor:

Big Tom.

Africa was the 2nd best pre-all-stars season because of him. Big Tom is the interesting character we ever had on Survivor. There is no one that can replace him. I think that CBS is trying to the new Big Tom, but they aren't doing a good job at it.

Though I can't imagine him in a final tribal council. Nobody understands what half he is saying. How the heck can he answer the jury questions, and make a jury speech?

Day 3:

Most Annoying Survivor

Brandon Hantz

I am sick of his emotional outbursts in Survivor: South Pacific. It is really annoying in my opinion.

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