Wednesday, January 25, 2012

39 Day Survivor Challenge- Days 13, 14, and 15

Day 13

Survivor You’d Be Best Friends With

I will have to say:

Erik Reichenbach

For one thing, he's an Ice Cream scooper. I get to have free ice cream. 2nd of all, he is a fan of Survivor. 3rd of all, I kinda he is a cool dude, and I think he is awesome.

(Yes I do realized he was the guy who gave up immunity, but I like Erik.)

Day 13:

A Survivor Who Reminds You of Yourself

I will have to say:

Corrine from Survivor: Gabon

Seriously, I was only kidding. Corrine does not remind me of myself. If I compared to Corrine, then I will die! Seriously. I would die right behind my computer screen.

Anyways, my serious answer will be:

John Cochran from Survivor: South Pacific

Well, we are both computer nerds, and we are both huge fans of Survivor. We know a lot of trivia together, and I think he reminds me of myself.

Day 15

Survivor You Want to See Play Again

For this "day", I shall not include any body who has already played the game for a 2nd time, or a 3rd time (or Boston Rob who played the game for 4 seasons).

I shall include my favorite 1-timer, which is
Sierra from Survivor: Tocantins

She was certainly the underdog of Tocantins. First she had a bad first impression of her tribe because she was sick, and then she was singled out. Then, at the merge, it appeared to be that she was going to be 8th place until J.T. came up with a plan to blindslide the jerk named Tyson. That plan worked, and Tyson was blindslided. (And two seasons later, Tyson came back for Heroes vs. Villains to make a foul out of himself. Yes, I didn't watch Heroes vs. Villains, but I know what happens). She should come back.

Honorable Mentions: Elisabeth from Australia, Paschal from Marquesas (he deserves a 2nd shot after the purple rock incident), Shane from Panama, Todd from China, PG from China, and Taj from Tocantins

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