Monday, January 16, 2012

39-Day Survivor Challenge- Days 4, 5, and 6

Day 4:

Most Intelligent Survivor:

Well, I would of said Cirie, but I can't! So, because of that, I will choose:

YAU-MAN! He was the first to make a fake hidden immunity idol (which I wished someone were to found it, and play it), and he was inspired by many Survivors to make one as well (like Ozzy in Fans vs. Favorites, Bob in Gabon, and Taj in Tocantins). He also came up with the idea to work with Earl, who was the only other member of his tribe to go to Exile Island, to find the hidden immunity idol. He also made that deal with Dreamz, which if Dreamz would of kept his word, then Yau-man would of been in the final 3, and he would of been a million dollars richer.

Day 5:

Most Underestimated Survivor:

Stephen Fishbach

He was able to make it to the final 2 with J.T. despite the fact that his tribe had a 4-6 disadvantage at the merge (though it's more like 3-6 disadvantage because Joe got evaculated right after the merge). Plus, I think he was more of the brains of his alliance, and I think he should of at least gotten 1 jury vote.

Day 6:

Most Overrated Survivor:

Orginally, I was gonna say Ozzy, but then I change my mind. I have decided to go with:

Amanda Kimmel

She rode Todd's cocktails in China, and she rode the cocktails of Cirie and Parvati in Fans vs. Favorites. She only made two moves: Blindsliding James, and Blindsliding Alexis. However, the 2nd move she made, she has done that by playing an idol which she needed to play in order to be safe. Amanda wasn't like "Oh, we have to get rid of Alexis." She didn't even do campaigning to get to vote for Alexis. She just voted for Alexix, and the only other person to voted for Alexis is Parvati (Parvati didn't want to write Amanda's name down in the vote_ She was the first person to be able to make it to the end twice. However, she lost twice because of the fact she is a cocktail rider. I think that she gets too much credit, and she shouldn't been in 3 seasons. If CBS wanted a female from Survivor: China to come back for Fans vs. Favorites, then they should of brought back PG (I would of said Courtney, but I heard she rejected the offer to come back in Fans vs. Favorites, possibly because she was still recovering from Survivor: China).

(By the way, typing my paragraph about Amanda made me thought of a new All-Stars idea for Survivor. The all-star idea is Survivor: Cocktail Riders.)

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