Thursday, January 19, 2012

39-Day Survivor Challenge- Days 7, 8, and 9

Okay, I am back with my survivor challenge. Let's get it on!

Day 7:

Best Confessions

Courtney Yates

She has the best one-liners on the show. If you do not believe me, then look at these lines:

I need Amanda and Courtney to keep me warm", like I'm gonna keep anyone warm? I weigh 7 pounds, I can't even keep myself warm, get off of me!

Yeah, Probst just called me fat.

I can't believe that sometime in the next 24 hours, I get to use a Q-tip!

You know, I'm not trying to be a monk here, I'm like tired. I wanna go sit back with lemonade.
Day 8:

Most Attractive Survivor

The answer is rather obvious in my opinion. I mean who else could as hot as

Parvati Shallow

She is smoking hot, and if she has a boyfriend, that boyfriend will be the luckiest guy in the planet. My friends hate her, but I do not freaking care! She is in my top 3 survivors along with Cirie and Courtney.

Day 9

Favorite Physical Dominator

This is a tough one since I am more into strategists than physical dominators (As I said before, two people out of my top 3 survivor aren't really good at challenges). However,
I will have to say:

Tom Westman

A lot of challenge dominators like Ozzy, and Terry are major d-bags, but Tom was actually really nice. He was also a strategist as he was able to form an alliance with Ian, Katie, and Stephanie on day 1. 3 out of 4 people in that alliance made it to the final 3. The one who didn't was Stephanie because she was the only Ulong member that made to made it the merge (Well, there wasn't really a merge because Ulong lost every single immunity).

So, Tom is my favorite physical dominator. He also played one of the best games though he did hadn't do some stuff that all of the other Survivors had to go through. For example, he didn't have to go through a merge. If there would of been a merge, then Coby could of flipped sides, and then we could of seen a different final three. Also, no other Survivor has stepped down, and said to take the other person. If Ian and Tom were in the final 2, then I think the jury would have a difficult time deciding who to pick for the winner where as Katie was one of the least deserving people to be in the final 2 (though she isn't technically the least deserving person in the final 3, Lil from Pearl Islands was)

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