Friday, January 6, 2012

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur- Episode 17

Nagol: I am in shock right now. I did not expect Karissa to be the Saboteur. I kinda thought that Thomas was the Saboteur.

Nolan: Well, Karissa never did sabotage us. She always seem to sabotage the other contestants.

Tess: I once asked her if she is the Saboteur, and she said No.

Nolan: Um, you know if you ask that same question to everyone in this house, they will all say No.

Tess: But that's lying, and lying is a sin.

Nolan: Yeah, being part of the Saboteur involves lying. Besides, you got to do anything in order to win including telling 1 or 2 white lies.

Nagol: Yeah, every single winner of Big Brother told a lie. Dan in Big Brother 10 lied about him taking no one to the private beach when he actually took Michelle. Evel Dick in Big Brother 8 lied about him getting of Jameka instead of Jessica, but instead he got rid of Jessica instead of Jameka. ****, even Jordan in Big Brother 11 lied about her taking Kevin to the final 2, but instead she took Natalie. Also, have you seen Big Brother 2? If so, you will know that Dr. Will played a very good game by lying a lot.

Nolan: Yeah, Nagol has a point. You have to tell at least 1 lie in order to get to win.

Tess: Fine, I admit it. I did told a lie. When I was with Kenneth, I wanted to take him to the final 2 when I really didn't want to take him there because I gotta feeling Kenneth will win if I did. Hey, I realized we never did have a name for our alliance. What should be our name?

Nagol: How about the Friends of the Saboteur since we all did aligned with Karissa?

Nolan: That's a good idea!

Tess: I like it!

*Day 42*

Ruby: We are here with Riviera on day 41. It is time to interview her. Your ally and good friend James was expelled this week. If he were to stay, would you think he'll be able to get you the votes you needed to stay?

Riviera: Yes. Considering how close the votes were, and how much I trusted him, I think he would have gotten votes for my win. But I'm not sure how much I would have trusted him if I knew he had a gun.

Ruby; Do you feel surprised that Karissa is the Saboteur? Why or why not?

Riviera: Yes. To be honest, I thought it was her at the start, but as things went on, she was doing a great job of blending in, and I was shocked when I found out it was her.

Ruby: Who do you want to see mummified next?

Riviera: I want to see Nagol eliminated due to the fact that he was the one who found the gun in James' dresser and got James disqualified. If James wasn't disqualified, I probably would still be in the game, and I would love to still be in the game and not be a mummy. Nagol ruined my life, I'll never be human again thanks to him!

Ruby: You do heard of unmummification right?

Riviera: Unmummification?

Ruby: Yeah, there is a special sarcophagus that unmummifies people. That is how Stephan got unmummified. Anyways, Riviera, I need you to please go to the mummy jury house soon. Karissa is waiting for you there. You will have an impact on crowning the winner of the Battle Against Mummification, so you will be at the finale where you will cast a vote on who you want to win the Battle Against Mummification. Anyways, who will be the new Head of Mummification? Find out soon!

Ruby: We are at the Head of Mummification. Free from the threat of mummification, the Head of Mummification must put two people on the chopping block. Who has what it takes to win this week's Head of Mummification? Let's find out! Contestants, the power is up for grabs.

Ruby: Selena, as outgoing Head of Mummification, you are not eligible to compete.

Ruby: This game is called "Running Time". I need everyone of you to get the treadmill, and run in it. Run as long as you want, but there is a time that none of you know about, but if you are still running after the time, then you will not be able to be the new Head of Mummification. The person who runs the longest without going over the time will win Head of Mummification. If everybody goes over the time, then whoever runs the longest will win Head of Mummification. Is everybody clear?

Contestants: Yes!

Ruby: One more thing, Remy, for this competition only, you are allowed to take off your hello kitty overalls in order for you to wear some appropriate athletic wear for this competition. Everyone, please get on the treadmill, and run. The competition begins now.

Remy: Woohoo! I'm out of the Hello Kitty suit.

Nancy: Man, I hate running.

Nagol: Well, I like to run. I can go all night if it weren't for the time.

Tess: Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running.

Nancy: I'm out! I hate running so much!

Ruby: And just like that, Nancy is out of the treadmill.

Tess: When Nancy got eliminated that quickly, I was like "Nancy, are you kidding me? When it could be you going home, I would of stayed up there way longer."

Thomas: I'm out! I have to go use the bathroom!

Ruby: Thomas is out of the treadmill, and he's taking a bathroom break.


Nolan: I'm out! This treadmill is going way too fast for me.

Ruby: And just like that , Nolan is out of the treadmill.

(Sorry that I didn't have a picture of Nolan getting out of the treadmill. Blame it on my computer.)


Remy: Dang it!

Ruby: Remy is out of the treadmill.

Ruby: It's down between Tess and Nagol. One of them may win Head of Mummification depending if they went over the time or not.

Tess: I'm out! My legs hurt after running this long.

Ruby: This means Nagol, you have run the longest, meaning that you may win Head of Mummification.

Ruby: Earth to Nagol? Do you hear me?

Tess: Dude, you can come out now!

Ruby: Thank you Tess and Nancy for getting Nagol off his treadmill. I thought he was just gonna run forever.

Nagol: Okay, I did took a small break from reality. I was closing my eyes pretending I was running on water.

Ruby: Okay, now it is time to reveal you went over the time, and who didn't.

Ruby: Nagol, since you ran the longest, we will start with you. Your time was 4 hours, 7 minutes, and 4 seconds. If the television screen near me turns green, you are the new Head of Mummification. However, if it turns red, you went over the time, and there is others who didn't. Let's see if you win this week's Head of Mummification.

Ruby: The television is voice-activated, so Nagol, please say your name.

Nagol: Nagol

Ruby: Unfortunately, you did went over the time, Nagol, so you lost this week's Head of Mummification competition.

Nagol: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............

Tess: Tess, because Nagol went over the time, you may win this week's Head of Mummification competiton. Your time was 2 hours, 52 minutes, and 1 second. Let's see if you went over the time or not.

Ruby: Tess, please say your name.

Tess: Tess

Ruby: I'm sorry, Tess, but you went over the time, and so because of that, you lost this week's Head of Mummification.

Tess: Ugh!

Ruby: Remy, this opens the door for you. If this turns green, then you will be the new Head of Mummification. If it turns red, then you will not be the Head of Mummification, and a door will be open for Nolan. Your time was 59 minutes, and 54 seconds.

Ruby: Remy, please say your voice.

Remy: Remy

Ruby: Congrats Remy. You won this week's Head of Mummification. Just for the record, the time was 2 hours, 0 minutes, and 0 seconds. Tess, you went over by 52 minutes, and 1 second. Nagol, you went over by 2 hours 7 minutes, and 4 seconds.

Remy: Yay! I won this week's Head of Mummification. On the downside though, I have to nominate 2 people for mummification, and I will to get blood on my hands.

Selena: Remy's alliance is basically me and Thomas. He hopes that he can go to the final 3 with me and Thomas, so I generally expect me and Thomas to be safe with me.

Remy: Who wants to see my Head of Mummification room?

Remy: Oh it's blue! My favorite color!

Nagol: Looks a lot like my Head of Mummification room.

Tess: Yeah, but it looks like Remy's H.O.M. room has a different fabric to it than your room, Nagol.

Nagol: Oh!


Selena: Whoa! This house is a haunted house.

Nancy: We need to call ghostbusters!

Nagol: How are we supposed to do that if we do not have a phone?

Remy: I feel scared....................

Tess: Oh no! Remy fainted!

Thomas: He must of been seriously scared of the ghost.

Nolan: What should we do?

Selena: Maybe we should just wait 5 minutes to see if he gets up?

*5 minutes later*

Remy: What just happened? Why is everyone staring at me?

Selena: You just fainted.

Remy: Oh! Why did I faint?

Nolan: You fainted because you saw a ghost that went to another room.

Remy: Oh! What room did he went to?

Nancy: The Gym

Remy: Well, I better not go to the gym.

Thomas: Poor Remy! He fainted when he saw a ghost. A ghost may be scaring, but that ghost was basically avoiding us.

*Day 43*

Selena: Wow! This martial arts thing is becoming addicting.

Selena: Me and Zoohoo have been practicing Martial Arts lately. So far, both of us have blue belts.

Thomas: Hey wanna spar just for fun?

Selena: Sure, but before we do that, we have to make a bet. The loser will have to get the winner a foot massage.

Thomas: I'm down with that. Now, first we must bow!

Thomas: After we bow, we will then spar!

Selena: Alright, you win! I own you a foot massage.

Thomas: Yay!

Nagol: Man, I am kinda mad that we lost! Who think Remy will nominate?

Nolan: Probably you since you guys are "enemies".

Nagol: Me and Remy call it truths.

*flashblack to Day 33*

Remy: Nagol, I just wanted to say that we should call it truths. I apologize for the incident week 1 where I called you Micheal Jackson. So can you please call it truths?

Nagol: Um, sure! Do you need some votes? Because I can convince some people to vote to mummify Miuccia.

Tess: Well, I expect it is going to be 2 of us because I don't expect Remy to nominate Selena and Thomas since they are basically Remy's alliance unless we can convince Remy to nominate Nancy.

Nagol: That's a perfect plan. Tess, how about you go up to Remy's H.O.M. room, and strike a deal with him saying if Nancy gets mummified this week, then you will do two things to him. The first thing is if you win Head of Mummification, then Remy will not get mummified that week. The 2nd thing is that if Remy is in the final 2, and you are on the mummy jury, then you will give Remy a mummy jury vote.

Tess: That's a brilliant plan. I go up to Remy's H.O.M. room right now.

Tess: Listen, I want to make a deal with you. If Nancy gets mummified this week, then I will do two things for you. The first thing is I win Head of Mummification, then you will not get mummified that week. The 2nd thing is that if you are in in the final 2, and I am on the mummy jury, then I will give you a mummy jury vote.

Remy: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...................... I have to think about that.

Tess: I hope that Remy listens to me, and nominates Nancy for mummification. If he does, then it will buy the Friends of the Saboteur another week.

*Day 44*

Remy: It has been a week since I wore these Hello Kitty overalls. I can finally take them off.

Remy: I am out of these Hello Kitty overalls, and I will sell them when I get home.


Selena: Man, those overalls looked so cute on you!

Tess: Remy, can you please wear those overalls for life?

Remy: No!

Tess: That is the sad! The overalls look so cute on you.

(Please play this, and continue reading)

Remy: For this ceremony, we shall bring in the two mummy jurors.

Remy: This is a reminder. The mummy jury is not to be addressed. They won't addressing you. They are just gathering up information. This is the nominations ceremony. As of Head of Mummification, I must nominate two people for mummification. I have decided to nominate........................

Remy: Nancy for mummification because she is a huge floater in the house. I have also decided to nominate...........

Remy: Nolan just because of the fact I have to nominate a 2nd person on the block. This nominations ceremony is adjourned.

*Stay tune for Episode 18*